3 Coaching Tools to Earn You Effortless Referrals (So You Can Focus On Coaching Instead of Selling)

There is one element of being a successful Life Coach that you simply must achieve. Without it you are dead in the water, and I assure you, I am not joking.

It’s not rapport building, although that is in some ways part of it. Equally, it’s not question asking, listening skills or the ability tp utilize core values effectively.

All of those things are crucially important, but without this one thing, they become entirely moot because nobody is ever going to hire you.

The first thing you need to establish with every prospect, maintain with every client, and create with your peers so you can build a solid reliable network is trust.

If people don’t trust you, they won’t hire you PERIOD.

Not only that, but if they don’t trust you or your motives, your peers will cease to be a resource or want to help you too.

No clients and no support network to help change the former = an unhappy coach soon, to be followed by an ex-coach.

Why I Turn Down Most JV’s (Joint Ventures)

I get a lot of offers to joint venture with other coaches and self development companies. I rarely say yes.

Now to be honest, the reason isn’t always because I don’t trust them. Sometimes it just isn’t a great fit, or I don’t have time to research the product enough to feel confident in recommending it.

However, many times the e-mails I receive make me feel uncomfortable and I start to lose my trust in their motives.

Whether you are selling Life Coaching itself or a product/service associated with what you do, you have to create win/win solutions.

By that I mean the value you offer has to match or exceed the value your customer feels like he or she is receiving.

The e-mails I lose faith in have one thing in common. All concentrate on how much money I can make from forming a joint venture.

It’s very nice to earn residual income, but if that was all I was focussed on I would accept every offer that came my way and batter my readers with ‘amazing’ offer after ‘amazing’ offer’.

Eventually I would start to lose the trust of the people on my list because it would become obvious I wasn’t looking to necessarily meet their needs, but my own.

Make Your Offerings Win/Win

If you want to convince me to help you promote your product, the best approach isn’t to spend three quarters of the e-mail outlining how I can get fabulously wealthy, but rather focussing on how I can help my readers and clients.

It’s not purely and simply because I want to sleep at night and not worry about dealing with a flood of e-mails from unhappy subscribers, but because jumping on every offer erodes trust and doesn’t make any business sense in the long run.

Yes, I want to make a decent income as I’m sure do you. However, it shouldn’t come at the cost of leaving a string of unhappy less affluent people in your wake.

Building trust can take years and years.

Destroying it can be done in seconds.

About a couple of years ago I signed up for a webinar covering the emerging topic of setting up client VIP days. (Basically, intense short-term coaching, often face-to-face, that allow you to charge a premium price).

The blurb on the website insisted that it was entirely free and that I would walk away with important tools to implement and to immediately help me grow my practice.

The reality was I learned only one thing.

I learned I was naive to have fallen for such over the top the blurb. Especially as I was suspicious before the call because of the extravagant claims being made by the host.

I knew there would be an upsell to a paid course at the end and I have no problem with that. After all, the coach in question had to write the material and, I would imagine, spent a considerable amount of time and (probably) money hustling to fill the webinar.

I don’t think coaches should set up lose/win situations where they are simply giving, giving, giving and then are afraid to try and sell to their contacts because they have conditioned those people to get ‘free’.

Not only does it feel awkward, but moving somebody from free to a paid solution is about the hardest thing to do in sales.

Imagine if Google suddenly started charging for their suite of services and products. There would be uproar worldwide because Google has built it’s loyalty on the free model to their domestic and small business user.

But it’s ok for Google because their business model is to make masses of money selling advertising to businesses and the more users they have, the more they can charge.

However, that’s pretty must an unsustainable model for new coaches because it takes a lot of time and investment with a willingness to be very patient.

Even without my considerable time allocation, I spend almost $2,000 per annum on newsletter delivery systems for here and at A Daring Adventure. I have to get some return on that investment or it’s going to cause me issues.

The webinar in question wasn’t 50 minutes of useful information and then a 10 minute upsell for the in-depth course.

I Had Been Conned

The smarmy upsell started before the 20 minute mark and continued growing steadily and more intensely for the next 40 minutes.

Basically, by the end you were either the Village Idiot or living underneath a cardboard box not to exploit this incredible offer (sic).

The entire course had almost no stand alone value (unlike the bullshit promotional material had promised) and I felt cheated.

Trust was shattered.

My time is worth something to me, so that was a lost hour or so where I could have been working on something worthwhile.

I felt dumb for falling for what wasn’t far short of being a scam. At best it was entirely disingenuous, at worst a great demonstration of high pressure sales tactics and a total disregard for integrity.

The first time I ever broached the topic of webinars with Karl I went to great lengths to explain that in no way would I countenance running any webinar that didn’t offer stand alone value.

Fortunately, Karl shares the same brain with me on this and he was more than happy to take on board my concerns.

As such we are hosting a webinar this Saturday 20th August at 11am EST.

The webinar will NOT be recorded.

Every time I say that I get a few emails asking me to reconsider and record the webinar. Previously, I have always relented.

But ‘Bad Cop Karl’ on pain of death has insisted that will definitely not happen this time, so please don’t ask us. Whenever we tell people the call will be available afterward to download, guess what happens?

Yep, almost nobody shows up for the live call.

The Promise

I cannot promise you that we will not mention the substantial early bird discount that we are close to launching for the final Coach the Life Coach training course of 2016, because we will.

The one thing I can promise you though, is that there will be some great material you can use irrespective of whether you ever train or work with us or not.

The webinar (that goes by the name of this post) will have standalone value. Whether you are a new coach or a seasoned veteran we know you’ll learn something that can help you succeed.

Plus, our combined experience of almost 2 decades in coaching means we are good storytellers and can keep things relaxed and have a good time. I know you’d like to hear some coaching war stories that you can learn from.

When we set up the page for you to indicate you desire to attend we shall let you know through the newsletter. So sign up now if you haven’t already dome so!

We hope you can make it so we can show you that some free webinars are worth your time.


    • Tim Brownson

      We haven’t finalized all the techie stuff yet Gabrielle, but when we do we’ll send the link to the newsletter list. Hope that helps.


    Thank you for your wise insights & advice. I am off an a Daring Adventure of my own next week – Mainland China to coach clients. It will be interesting, & I feel an opportunity to increase what is already a steep learning curve!