5 Things Every Life Coach Should Understand

As a Life Coach I don’t do any offline marketing whatsoever.

I don’t attend BNI or Chamber of Commerce meetings, I don’t speak for free and I don’t run around sticking fliers on car windshields in parking lots.

All my clients come from my efforts online and I have no intention of ever changing that.

However, generating clients online isn’t easy because there are so many coaches trying to do the same thing.

Fortunately for you, most Life Coaches don’t understand the basics which mean, there are opportunities for you if you can be bothered to learn what other coaches can’t.

Time and time again I see Life Coaches making the same mistakes which is why we now give away two ebooks to people who sign up for our newsletter documenting the 20 most common.

Today I’m going to share with you 5 things that if you can wrap your head around will exponentially increase your likelihood of succeeding in attracting clients online.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Every Life Coach

I spent two hours yesterday going through a post I wrote over a year ago on SEO for Life Coaches and making changes and adding new information.


Because SEO is a constantly moving target as Google seem to make almost daily changes to their algorithm.

That post ranks highly on Google and I don’t want Life Coaches landing on it and having out of date information.

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to benefit, you just need to understand the basics and what the best practices are.

Also, if you hire a business to help you with your SEO you need to ensure they know what they are doing because many don’t.

Worse still, many use Black Hat tactics that may get you great results to begin with, but may then get you de-indexed by Google leaving you dead in the water.

The post I wrote is long, but I would have killed to have had that information 5 years ago because it would have saved me a lot of time and money.

You can ignore SEO and hope it goes away, but in the meantime your competition who take the trouble to learn it will be happily kicking your ass.

2. Guest Posting

Even though Google’s Matt Cutts came out sand said guest posting is dead last year he soon backtracked.

What he meant was spammy guest posting from websites like EZine Articles is dead. Not only will you not gain any benefit from posting on such sites, but you will probably get penalized.

Guest posting on relevant blogs has possibly been the single biggest reason for the success of A Daring Adventure, yet few coaches do it, and of those who do, most don’t have a strategy.

The next Coach The Life Coach course which we are expanding will have a module on blogging and specifically guest posting because that is how important it is.

I had a guest post run on Tiny Buddha last week and it generated me over 100 new newsletter subscribers.

Would that be worth it to you?

By the way, if you want to know the single biggest mistake coaches make when guest posting you need to sign up to the newsletter because I am going to share it in my next ‘Insiders Guide’

3. Website Conversion

95% of Life Coach websites I review vary on a scale from sucky to ‘oh my God what the hell were you thinking?’

Somebody pointed me to what they thought was an awesome coaches site recently.

I won’t mention the fact it was my co-host on the Raw Voices Podcast, Olivier Lavor, because I wouldn’t want to embarrass my French friend. So let’s just say it was my friend, Bob.

The site looked great, and for about 3.2 seconds I was impressed.

Then I realized it was all top hat and no trousers as we say in the UK.

In other words it flattered to deceive. It had multiple calls to action, no ‘what’s in it for me?, and terrible navigation.

Whoever designed it had no clue about building a website to turn visitors into subscribers or clients.

As little as 5 years ago a site like that would stand half a chance of working, but we’re not living 5 years in the past. This is 2015 and the competition is brutal.

There are officially 191 billion Life Coach websites (made up stat) and if the people who land on yours cannot see immediately how you can help them and what you want them to do, you’re screwed.

Note: At the moment this sites home page sucks. It’s all about me and now we’re growing the course, and Karl who is a conversion expert has come on board, that needs to change.

4. Social Media

I have banged the drum more times than I have flogged my dead horse on this topic.

Just because you have used Social Media for years doesn’t mean you know how to use it for business purposes.

I have heard coaches say Google+ is a waste of time because they post stuff and get no shares.

Yeh me too sometimes when I post to my own timeline, and over 3,000 people have me in their circles.

But here’s the deal.

Firstly, G+ has massive SEO benefits and  that is crucial.

Secondly, I can easily get 100 shares if I want, and frequently do.

Do you know how?


The same goes for LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest.

Join groups that are relevant to you and where potential clients hang out.

Don’t just slap up an occasional quote on Facebook and expect people to be rushing to hire you.

Every Life Coach is doing that, including me!

I have started  Pinterest group called Self Development Articles that is starting to generate real traffic, yet a tiny percentage of the 500+ coaches I have told about have bothered to join.

If free traffic and exposure for 2 minutes work isn’t worth it, then quite frankly I give up.

Be creative and have a social media strategy.

Note: I’m starting to think Twitter is dead for Life Coaches, but if you are succeeding with it, please do share your secret in the comments.

5. Newsletters

My newsletter is my single biggest source of clients which is why I am constantly trying to grow it even though it’s at about 10,000.

Most coaches under-estimate the ability to build relationships with their newsletter.

Also they don’t understand how to increase open rates and engage readers, information I have shared in my insiders guides.

Another reason you should subscribe 😉

By the way, this is all stuff we cover in detail on the Coach the Life Coach course and we will be opening registration for the next course staring on September 27th.


  1. Interesting article. Thank you! Timely too. I have preferred to build my business in the real world, but I know I need to develop a plan for on-line marketing. Question about newsletters… I’ve subscribed to bunches of them to see what types of offerings are out there. My in-box is filled daily with what amounts to spam. I’m sure the coaches work really hard at them and feel like they’re making a relevant offering, but I mostly move to trash without even opening them. What’s the consensus around frequency of email blasts and newsletters, length, and ways to keep them relevant? Curious what others think. Thanks!!

  2. Re: websites…After struggling with this a bit myself, I’m convinced there are two basic rules that coaches should follow: 1) make it easy to sign up for your newsletter, 2) make it easy for people to understand what you offer and how much it costs.

    A fellow coach was recently showing off her beautiful website that she paid to have designed. Other coaches were blown away by how beautiful it was.

    So I took a look. And they were right. It was beautiful.

    But the entire website only had three sign-up forms, all hidden in hard to find locations. And she was offering 4-5 different services and 4-5 different price options for each service. I was so confused looking at her site that I can only imagine what a potential client would think.

    BTW, I do plan on adding my articles to the Pinterest group soon. I’ve been redoing my website so was trying to keep traffic to a minimum.

  3. Ah come on now !
    Since when do I point you to “awesome” coaches site and tell you :”Oh Look Tim, it is so nice and beautiful ! I feel like crying of joy ! And these pictures of pebbles, mountains, people meditating, people running on the beach, people giving high fives, Donald Trump with his thumb-up…are so inspiring ! ”
    For fuck sake.
    The only websites I share with you are:
    – blogs about guns & ammo
    – forums debating the brilliant ideas from Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and Michele Bachmann…Woman Power !
    – The Christian Coaching Institute…because they have faith and you will burn in hell, you sinner !
    BTW, I encourage everyone who have registered to Tim’s course to get their money back and to enroll with this marvelous organization who courageously mentions in their statement of faith :”The Total Depravity of Man – We believe that each member of the human race is fallen, sinful, and lost; and regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for the salvation of man.”

    Oh, and if you are such an expert, can you tell me why the raw voices podcast has even a lower traffic than the blog of the guy who collects dirt ?

    • Tim Brownson

      I’d mention the coach in question but I’m saving up the site for the latest course as a ‘how not to do things’

      Yeh I can answer that.

      It’s because I haven’t done any work on Raw Voices.

      I’ll go and drop a link in now!

  4. Michael Wecke

    Looked up that Pinterest Board and clicked “Follow”. Some really interesting stuff there. I read an article, e.g. by David Steven on how to choose a Life Coach. A point that I agree with – and it makes me slightly uncomfortable – is the fact that the term “Life Coach” has probably become very generic. So how would one employ the best “label” if you like, to make sure you attract clientele that is right for you? Like “Life Coach – for Yorkshiremen in Gotha”? No?

    • Tim Brownson

      Agggghhhhh how dare you sir?

      I’m a Derbyshire lad!

      I agree entirely, but the name is in the public domain and good luck with coming up with something else because you then have to get people to search for whatever it is if you are going to market online and that’s the tricky bit.

      But yeh for sure, Life Coach kinda sucks and is too generic.

  5. Thanks for this, Tim. It is bloody hard – I’m not sure on the Twitter for life coaches, but since I’m on your board I figured to play around with Pinterest a little more – just from my own end, I was surprised how easy it is to click through to other people’s websites based even on just re-pinning someone else’s motivational quote.

    I also saw a statistic somewhere – Neil Patel, I think – saying it’s got the highest (or one of) click through rate for social media. Since it makes it easy, I can see why. Plus it doesn’t make me want to hang myself, so that’s a huge plus!

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