6 Awesome Productivity Tools For Life Coaches

Earlier this year and before this site was even a glimmer in my eye I wrote a post on my A Daring Adventure called, ’12 Mistakes Life Coaches Make’.

If you’re a Life Coach or soon to be one, I highly recommend you check out.

I was tempted to replicate it here, but as I’m sure you know Google hates duplicate content, so I abstained.

Today, however I’m going to share with you 6 ways of making you’re online life a lot easier, especially if you’re new to all this technology malarkey.

None of these will make you a better Life Coach or attract more clients, but they will help you to be more productive so you have more time to prospect for clients.

By the way, there are no affiliate links in this post. I am merely sharing tools that I think you can benefit from and I don’t stand to make any money whatsoever.

Note: All the subheadings excpet fro Grab are links. It’s tricky to see as I had to change the color so you could read them, but if you want any, just click on the name and you will be taken to the relevant site

1. Evernote

EEvernote picvernote has been around for ever (no pun intended). However, even though I’d had an account for a number of years, I only started using it seriously when I was prepping up for Coach the Life Coach.

All of a sudden I realized my laissez-faire hit and miss approach to filing research had to change.

When researching a book it’s relative easy to open a folder and just copy and past information into a word, or my case, a Pages document.

For the Life Coach training however, I wasn’t just saving text.

Sure there were online articles, but there was also infographics, links, images, graphs and I wanted something a tad more flexible than a document folder.

I use the free version of Evernote and this allows me to simply and quickly save anything online I come into contact with.

If there’s something I want to save I click on the elephant logo in the main menu at the top.

I am then presented with all the different folders I have set up and I can drop it in the most relevant one.

It also allows for tagging, so if you are saving a lot of information you can tag it and make it easier to find.


It’s entirely free and if you want to share access on joint projects you go ‘Pro’ and it’s still only $45 a year

Iphone app available.


Now I use it I’m not sure I’ve found any. It’s an awesome product, especially as it doesn’t cost me a penny.

2. Dropbox

dropbox picDropbox hasn’t so much saved my bacon, but gone out and bought me some new bacon, cooked it to perfection, delivered it on a silver platter and then cleared up afterward.

Every single important file I have is synched to Dropbox, so when I hit save it is automatically gets saved to ‘the cloud’.

Prior to using Dropbox I had an external hard drive (a Mac Time Capsule) and that was cool…..until it failed.

The two huge advantages with Dropbox is that it’s a breeze to access all my files remotely on my laptop. I just log in to my online account from any computer (or even my iPad) and everything is sat there waiting for me to use should I so wish.

Secondly, an external hard drive is great, but if we got burgled I doubt the thieves would leave a $500 back up device behind to help me out.

Also back up devices can and do fail as I mentioned.

This side of Armageddon kicking off Dropbox will not fail, and if Armageddon does happen, the last thing I’ll be worrying about is if I’ve lost a few videos and screen casts.


Super easy to set up and then use. Very secure and safe and there is a free version.

You can set up shared folders with other people and exchange larger files easily and/or be able to have access to a joint project.

Iphone app available.


When you start having a lot of video files like I have it can become expensive.

I currently pay $399 per year (I think) which is like buying a new external hard drive every year.

However, that is a price worth paying to protect for mission critical data.

3. Transfer Big Files

transfer big filesI film all client sessions that are on Skype and also some on Google Hangouts. The problem is these files can be HUGE and it’s impossible to send via e-mail.

I could share using Dropbox but for clients who don’t have a Dropbox account I’d then have to explain how to retrieve them and this is just easier and quicker.

I find the measly $5 a month I pay Transfer Big Files to be good value for money considering how much I use it and the fact it allows me to delete massive files quickly and not clutter my hard drive up or use up valuable space in Dropbox.

I set the default on TBF to store my uploads for a month (you can make it indefinite).

The reasoning behind that is that if a client or a student on Coach The Life Coach hasn’t downloaded within that time they probably aren’t going to.

I also like the way it notifies me when a client has downloaded a file (I can see who really wanted the recording and who didn’t).

It also that it sends out reminders to clients when a download link is about to expire so they have no excuses that they didn’t know

However, as long as I keep under my 100GB storage limit I can set that to whatever time limit I want.


Cheap, very reliable and easy to use and send download instructions via e-mail. Also helps me avoid clogging up my Mac hard drive or Dropbox with dozens of videos that I no longer need


Not free although there is a free version. However offering only 100mb space it’s fairly useless for sending large video files.

4. 1Password

1 PasswordI have used 1Password for 4 or 5 years now and I LOVE it!

Th encryption is second to none, so whereas I  store all my social media accounts and passwords in 1Password, it also contains ALL my banking and sensitive information.

When I land on a site I use that ‘s password protected, I just click on the 1Password key logo, enter my master password and then click to enter my username and password.

If my Mac were stolen I’d have no concerns whatsoever other than wondering where the hell my Mac was. After all, who would ever guess that my master password is password?


Bank level encryption and security. Easy to install and use and will plug in to Firefox and Safari easily (probably will with Chrome and Internet Explorer, but as I use neither I’m unsure).

Avoids the need to keep using the same passwords over and over as it can set up super secure long passwords and you don’t ever even need to know what they are.

Iphone app available.


It’s not free (although $49 for a life time license is worth the cost)  and if you lose your master password you are royally screwed because as I said we’re talking bank level encryption here

5. In Form Enter

in form enterBecause of the lovely In Form Enter I almost never have to type personal details out for online forms. I merely right click in any form and select the information I want to enter


Free, easy to install and will save you a load of time unless you can type at 120 words per minute and can remember all your personal details. In which case it has less value


Won’t work on sites that utilize Flash like e-junkie. Only available for Firefox, unless you know differently.

6. Grab

Grab is built into every Mac even if some people don’t know and it’s uber cool for a free utility.

It allows you to take a snap shot of your desktop or part of your desktop and save it as an image.

I use it a LOT, especially when I’m wanting to show other coaches examples of other website or send my designer ideas for changes for my site.

The images for this post were all made using Grab and it took me about 5 minutes to do all of them.


Free, very easy to use and can save you a lot of time when you are trying to explain something you see on a screen to a person that may not have access to it.


Programs like Jing and Snagit offer more functionality and will run on Windows also. However, they aint free and Grab is.

Also Grabs default is to save an image as a .tiff file and so it’s often necessary to then convert to a .jpeg or similar if you want to use online or keep the file size down.

What’s Your Favorite?

I’ve told you my favorite apps, but I’m keen to know what yours are. Please share in the comments.

Main Image: ‘caffeinating, calculating, computerating’ Courtesy of Ryan Ritchie



  1. Thanks… this was great info. My boyfriend uses Evernote and he really likes it. He told me I should use it. Your description made me think that maybe he’s right. 🙂

    Thanks again

  2. Tiffany

    I think a good one to have is Foxit Reader. It is great for creating PDF Files using the add on’s for Word, Excel, and Power Pointe. It is also free. I use it with FireFox so am not sure if it is available with any other internet connection.

  3. John Wright

    DocScan or DocScanHD is worth a look .Have got the free version and use it for contracts etc on the I phone.very useful but I don’t use it on an industrial scale.Dropbox and Evernote are in settings so it may be relevant Tim

    • timbrownson

      Yeh it’s funny John, but I have almost zero pure business apps on my phone other than Social Media and Dropbox. Another one I’ll take a look at, thx.

  4. Linda Secretan

    “Shortkeys Lite” is a real time saver. You can easily create macros for often used words or phrases — your email address, name, phrases and abbreviations that you use over and over again. This is a free version. There’s also one that’s more of a powerhouse, but this has been perfect for me.

    “My Speed” from Enounce is another: You can play video up to 5x faster with no chipmunk sound, and you can slow down video — if you are transcribing, for example, or learning a procedure. The basic version is about $30.

    “LastPass” seems as if it combines the features of “1Password” and “InForm Enter” you mention above. I’ve been using it for quite a while. It’s free.

    Thanks for all the good suggestions!

      • Linda Secretan

        You’re welcome. But I’m surprised you didn’t say “Thank you, Ninja Star …”

        I used to have an avatar, but it must have been eaten by a dolphin. I’d better go rescue it.

  5. Thanks for the handy list.

    but just to say that Jing IS free. I use it all the time and I’m far too cheap to pay for it. Long as you keep under 5 minutes and under 2 gig of stored stuff you can make all the screen record videos or images you want. I use it all the time to share info with my team and with clients – it’s so handy to be able to record video and audio (like camtasia) quickly and share it

    Best of all, when you upload things, when it’s finished jing automatically pastes the tinyurl short link into your paste buffer so you can slap it in an email super fast.

    I take your point to use something built in for screen grabs. But jing has transformed my business and training and I don’t think I could do without it now.

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