7 Pieces Of Advice For Life Coaches

Be Yourself – Everybody Else Is Taken

I love that Oscar Wilde quote because it gets to the heart of authenticity.

The word unique seems in many instances to have lost its effectiveness through over use. However, from a genetic aspect you are entirely unique.

People will love you, people will hate you – but by an large people will be indifferent to you, simply because they don’t know you.

Focus on those like you, those that ‘get’ you.

I swear like a trooper and use lots of humor in my writing at A Daring Adventure and I know it LOSES me clients.

It also gets me a shit load of clients who are similar to me and who I am going to thoroughly enjoy working with.

With 7 billion people on the planet you can neither please everybody, not appeal to everybody.

Authenticity is crucial.

People will love you and want to hire you for who you are, not who you think you should be. And definitely not who you’re pretending to be.

2. Be Yourself – Part 2

I had an e-mail from a concerned newsletter subscriber last week telling me to stop swearing because I was damaging my business.

Leaving aside the fact that if you have so much time on your hands that writing to a Life Coach telling him to stop swearing seems the best use of it, then you may need to reassess your priorities. Do you think I’m going to listen?

If I listened to every piece of advice from well meaning people I would have the most boring vanilla blog on planet earth.

Whether you like Monty Python or not, I think you can agree they changed comedy.

Did you know they never wrote together?

Palin, Cleese, Idle, Chapman, Gilliam and Jones never sat down to write a script as a group.

They wrote in pairs, because they knew that once you start adding more people, more opinions, more input into the mix you end up with something good, but never edgy and definitely never great.

Be edgy and be great.

3. Be  A Business Person

You’re a Life Coach, or want to be a Life Coach, right?

I don’t care, because that comes second.

First and foremost you’re a business person.

If you cannot run your practice like a business and adapt sensible business practices, then you will fail.

I know you yearn to help people and that’s what drives you.

However, you are doing a disservice to your potential clients if you don’t understand business (and that includes marketing) because they are more likely to find a Life Coach who does.

Learn business, learn sales, learn SEO and learn marketing.

Or more than likely, fail.

4. Be Prepared To Fail

You will fuck up with clients.

Then you will do it again.

And probably again.

At least once per week I get off a call and later on think, “Oh shit, I should have asked that question, that would have nailed it!”

We’re not machines, there is no cookie cutter approach and as such the greatest coach will fail on a fairly regular basis.

It happens, let it go.

Always do your utmost, always strive to learn, always want the best for your clients no matter what – but don’t attach your self worth or your ability to coach on the results you get with any one particular client.

5. Don’t Take Shit Personally

This week a writer I admire and genuinely like (James Altucher) said this: 

“I want to say that I don’t write about “self-help”.

I think that is a BS industry. It’s hard enough to help ourselves, let alone help others”

Let’s leave to one side the fact he writes on self development (even though he denies it – presumably to set himself apart from an industry he thinks is BS) and ask this question:

Who cares what James Altucher thinks?

Yes he’s a very clever interesting guy, but he is one of millions of clever interesting people and he is fully entitled to his opinion.

However, if you know ONE person who has benefitted from self development, then by definition, isn’t he wrong?

My guess is that what he really means is:

“Self help never worked for me or anybody I know and I don’t have any positive experiences to share with you. Therefore, I conclude it’s BS”

To condemn such a massive industry with so many tentacles as BS is BS. 

The point is, you will get told Life Coaching is quackery, that you’re a psychologist without the education, that  you should stop telling people how to live their lives and that you should get a real job.

Such is life.

If things like that are going to worry you, undermine your confidence or doubt what you do, then don’t do it.

In the great scheme of things, few people know what Life Coaches do, so as Human Beings they jump to conclusions, or hear one story and think they have grasped the whole picture.

Stay true to what you believe, smile at the detractors and focus on your clients success, not pleasing a bunch of skeptics and cynics.

6 Understand Sales

You have to be able to sell if you are able to coach.

You have to sell the idea that you’re a great Life Coach.

You have to sell the idea that a prospective clients should hire you.

You have to sell every idea you have in every session you’re involved in.

Sales isn’t a dirty word.

Check out my posts If You Can’t Sell – You Can’t Coach Part1 and Part 2

7. Keep Learning

A number of years ago I was working with a young wannabe Life Coach and we were coming to the end of our time together.

I said, “Let me give you a list of books you can read that I think will be really helpful in making you a better coach”

His reply to me was stunning. “I think I’ve read enough books”

WTF???? Seriously???

I’m always looking to learn and improve through books, videos, online articles, training and even hiring my own coach.

You never master this. You never get to the point where you have all the answers. You just keep getting incrementally better through a combination of learning and working with more clients.

The Early Bird Is Taking Flight

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  1. Michael Wecke

    …that’s exactly what I thought that it takes to be a successful coach. It is great wanting to help people – and I am always trying do that in one way or another through my job in Human Resources – but Life Coaching is indeed a business and before you go out there “coaching”, understand the fundamentals of the business, online or otherwise. And don’t fret when you have made a genuine, unintentional mistake along the way, well…as long as the stumble doesn’t become a fall…Yup, a 4-day seminar on coaching on its own won’t make you a Life Coach, that’s for sure! And that’s why I’m not there yet: You cannot do Life Coaching “part-time” while still full-time in another job.(Which doesn’t mean you can’t start on the preparations…) Ora et Labora!

    • Tim Brownson

      I do think you can coach in the evenings, especially if you’re still doing pro bono work.

      I agree, though I’m skeptical about that approach unless a coach has boundless energy because it takes a lot of concentration and effort. I sure wouldn’t have the levels I’d need if I’d already done a full days work.