8 Life Coaching Tools You Should Be Using

My 6-year-old son helped me fix the faucet in my tub. We were close to being done and he grabbed the screw driver to help and he scrapped away the caulk that I put in place to seal the new faucet.

I winced.

He saw me do this earlier and of course wanted to help.

I stayed calm. I’ve been working hard on staying calm and just being present when I feel frustrated.

I explained that it was a good idea, but at the wrong time. I showed him what I was doing and he grabbed a rag to help me wipe away some extra caulk on the faucet.

When we start off on our coaching journey we are toddlers, trying different tools at the right times and sometimes the wrong times.

What tools you use with your clients will determine the success you have with your clients. If you use tools that don’t work well you’ll end up with weak results.

The same goes with building your business. You need tools that work well for you. Website tools to help you understand what offers work well and what offers fall on deaf ears.

In this post we are going to give you our top 8 tools that have helped us turn from struggling Life Coaches into seasoned coaches that get great results.

1. Reframing As A Life Coaching Tool

You are paid to help people think differently.

With Reframing we are never changing the event, just helping our clients to view it in a different more empowering light.

Example: “You lost your job? Oh wow that’s very disappointing and a concern of course, but equally it also offers you the massive opportunity to start that business you really want to do”

When you use Reframing in your coaching practice you help them see an issue from a more positive perspective, which will help them take action instead of wallowing in self pity.

Obviously there is a LOT More to it than that which is why devote an entire module on the course to framing in all its guises.

2. Core Values System

Your core values is a big part of why you are successful. You believe in working hard and helping people. Being aware of these core values helps you make smarter choices.

When you help your clients get a deeper understanding of their core value they too make smarter decisions.

Tim created the Core Values System to help coaches rank their top eight core values and help bring more light to why they make choices. It helps them understand themselves and utilize their core values in their life.

3. Website Analytics

A good website is important to attracting and closing clients. If your website doesn’t work your business won’t grow.

We use Google analytics to help us keep track of where people are going on our site and how to make sure they are getting to the right offers that can help them with their coaching practice.

4. Heat Map Software

We heat map our most important pages, so we can see where people are clicking and how far they get on a page. If our visitors aren’t taking the right actions we know what we need to do to fix the issue.

We suggest that you use A/B testing software to test out your ideas. If you want to change a headline or color of an action button then you should test out your idea.

We use Visual Website Optimizer to help us test out our hypothesis and see if we were right. It’s important to collect data so you are making an informed decision.

5. Mentors

We of course mentor each other. Tim helps Karl with his writing and Karl helps Tim with the conversion. That’s why Tim and Karl believe in partnerships that utilize different strengths on a team.

We also have other mentors outside of our group.

Karl is in a mastermind with other online entrepreneurs and Tim has grown a network that allows him to reach out and get help with various issues that he has in his businesses.

6. Landing Page Software

Every website has landing pages on their website that helps them grow their business.

Most of your visitors won’t land on your homepage. They land on an article you posted on your blog, your about page, or resource page.

Wherever they land you need to make it easy for them to deepen the connection with you, landing page software helps you do just that.

It could be a light box that encourages them to give you their email or a dedicated page with a simple offer that will help them with a specific problem.

You can have a designer create your landing pages or use landing page software.

We suggest using LeadPages (Affiliate Link) because they are one of the best out there and help you make beautiful pages that are easy to say yes to handing over their email.

7. Feedback Loops

How are you getting feedback from your clients? Are you finding out what went well and what didn’t and answering any concerns to help you improve your Client Experience as well as your business?

The more feedback that you get from your clients the better you can make your service. You can also use that feedback to improve your conversion.

By finding trigger words that your clients use and placing them on your site. We currently use Google Docs, but are thinking about switching to Domino Feedback, software that Karl developing to make it easier to collect feedback.

8. Webinars

We use webinars to help build trust with our current audience, collect emails, and create content for our membership area.

We like webinars because of it’s public nature, large groups can join in at work or at home to learn from us.

We used Go To Webinars and Zoom.us Webinars. We switched to Zoom because there are added features that we like and quite honestly, it’s far cheaper.

Your Turn

You may use some of these, but I know that all the coaches I’ve helped train don’t use all of these resources.

We cover all these tools in our Life Coach Training, check out when our next course will start.

What resource would you add to this list that has helped you improve your coaching practice?


  1. Thanks for the webinar advice! I’m going to start using webinars, and so I’ll definitely check out Zoom.

    I use AWeber for my mailing list (it’s where I provide most of my value).

    I use Fundrazr.com for my payment page (I provide coaching by donation to Doctors Without Borders)

    And I use OptimizePress to build and maintain my site.

    • Karl Staib

      Hi Matt! Looks like you have a good foundation. That’s awesome. We are looking to add two more, so stay tuned.

  2. The suggested tools are directed towards life coaches’ use for their clients.Basic and necessary, sound and practical. Highly recommended.