12 Types Of Blog Posts Life Coaches Can Write

The reality is, if you want to generate clients online then you are going to have to write and/or produce audio-video content.

It’s virtually impossible to get your coaching website to rank without publishing a steady stream of high-quality content.

Some new coaches freak out at the thought of having to come up with original ideas, but they really shouldn’t because there are lots of different options and I’m about to share 12 of them with you.

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1. Personal Stories

Personal stories are the single most powerful post a life coach can write.

They allow you to build rapport and connection very quickly and people will be able to relate to you more easily.

Talking about how you encountered issues similar to those your clients face and how you dealt with them effectively can quickly build credibility and trust – 2 things that are crucial if people are going to hire you.

Pros – You have a lifetime of material. People can relate to you more easily. They can be used to demonstrate your authenticity.

Cons – A finite resource. Can appear self-indulgent if every post is about you. Probably not wise to blog about issues you’re currently struggling to deal with!

Example: You’re Depressed! – The Medical History of a Life Coach

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2. Other Stories That Don’t Include You

Maybe you stumble across an amazing story of some other person who overcame major adversity by sheer belief and determination.

Or he made some major breakthrough when the odds were stacked against him.

People love stories about others overcoming the odds.

It can be a family member, a friend or even a celebrity, although I think the lesser known the person the more people can relate to it.

I could sit here all day telling you stories about Richard Branson and you’d probably be thinking, “Yeh but that’s Branson, that doesn’t apply to me.”

If on the other hand, I tell you about my next door neighbor who overcame a ‘terminal’ illness when the doctors had written him off, that would probably grab your attention.

Pros – An entire world of stories to go at with a constant flow of new material courtesy of the news and social media.

Cons – People don’t relate to you as much as the person in the story. More research necessary than stories about you so you make sure you’re not repeating a story that’s apocryphal.

Example: Two Stories About Belief To Blow You Away

Note: It’s also ok to write fictional stories, in fact, I think the best post I have ever written was made up.

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3. ‘How To’ Posts

Not much explanation needed here as all you are doing is instructing people on how to undertake some element of self development.

I can be guilty of sometimes forgetting that not everybody knows how to reframe, meditate or set goals and as such fail to remember I may have useful information to share.

Don’t worry about writing the occasional post that you think is obvious because there will be plenty of people who think it’s pure gold.

Pros – Very easy to write. Loved by people who want to know how to do whatever it is you’re talking about. Can be very SEO friendly when you use titles like “How Can I Become Happier’?” as there will be people typing in that exact search term into Google.

Cons – Will likely get side-stepped by people who have no interest in the subject matter. Can be tricky to make entertaining.

Example: How Do I Stay Committed To My Goals

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4. List Posts

That are entire sites that only post list posts and they often generate high levels of traffic.

I’m sure your familiar with titles like “7 Ways To Be Happier Than A Cat In A Cream Factory”, “10 Secrets You Didn’t Learn At Law School Because You Were Stoned All The Time” and “101 Celebrities Worth Following On Twitter If You’re Extremely Sad and Have Nothing Better To Do With Your Life”

Pros – The most likely posts to go viral because people love to share list posts. Easy to scan for the reader and very easy to write.

Cons – They often lack real engagement. Don’t really demonstrate your ability to coach. Can artificially inflate your site bounce rate (don’t worry if you don’t know what that means).

Example: The 20 Greatest Motivational Posts Of All Time

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5. Video Posts

Not sure you need an explanation here. You think of an idea, loosely script it out and then deliver it to camera.

Of course you can also do an audio or even merge interviewing with this and start a podcast.

Pros – Allows you to talk directly to the ‘reader’. Can help with building rapport presuming you’re not wooden and awkward. Good SEO benefits.

Cons – If you’re not relaxed you’ll not inspire confidence. Can be time-consuming, especially if you want to edit, add intros, outros etc.

Example: How To Reframe With NLP


6. Interview Posts

There are always people launching books or products who want interviewing. I almost never turn down the opportunity to be interviewed because it’s free and easy access to an entirely new group of people.

Aim high. I have a good friend who interviewed the entire cast of ‘The West Wing’ on the final day of filming for his radio station.

Little did they know he had an audience of a couple of dozen people!

Pros –  Can be either written, video or even just audio. An almost limitless supply of people waiting to help you out.

Cons – In my experience it’s not always easy to get people to watch/listen/read this type of post unless it’s somebody that they particularly like.

Example (kind of): An Interview With Robin Sharma


7. Review Posts

You read a book and then write a review of that book. What could be easier?

Pros – You can use affiliate links and maybe make some extra cash (just make sure you declare that you are being paid). Also you can ask for advance copies of books for authors you like and you will often get them

Cons – I hate reviewing books so these are always a burden to me, but hey, that’s just me as there are few other downsides other than they aren’t the easiest to get people to share.

Example: Barking Up The Right Tree


8. Special Offer Posts

Maybe it’s late July or in the holiday period between Thanksgiving and the end of the year and things are a bit slow.

You could always do a special offer and generate a few new clients.

Pros – You can bring on new clients and also sell more products or services when things would normally be quiet.

Cons – Usually a very low level of engagement and comments dry up (I often close comments on such posts). May upset some of your readers that you’re actually trying to make a living!

Example: Amazing Life Coach Training Offer


9. Research & Factual Posts

There are certain blogs I subscribe to purely and solely because they offer factual information rather than opinion pieces and I can occasionally write a post off the back of new research. Or even old research for that matter.

Pros – A lot of people like to hear about new breakthroughs with hot topics being meditation and neuroscience as there is so much research being done in these areas.

Cons – Require you do your due diligence and to make sure what your writing about is correct. So a lot more research of your own to do and don’t just rely on Wikipedia.

Example – 30 Amazing Facts About Your Brain


10. Controversial Posts

Oh baby have I exploited these in the past to good effect!

Some people aren’t comfortable writing controversial material, so if you cannot stand the thought of maybe coming under attack, don’t write them.

Their entire purpose is to polarize.

Pros – Can generate a LOT of engagement in terms of social media and comments.

Cons – May annoy some people. If done too often and without humor you can come across as whiny and a bit of a malcontent.

Example: The Law of Attraction Is A Con


11. Case Study Posts

This is an area I have neglected and have probably not written more than 2 or 3 in 12 years of blogging

Pros– Can help you demonstrate your abilities as a coach and sell your services in a totally unsalesy kind of way.

Cons – Can take a long time to write and equally, they ca

Example: Couldn’t find one, sorry!

carp bait

12. Link Bait Posts

I really don’t like link bait posts and I rarely write them. but they can be very effective

A link bait post is usually where a blogger with a smaller following will ask other more established bloggers for advice that he or she can share with their readers.

I had a request recently from a blogger who wanted to know what my 3 favorite productivity tools are.

I have no problem helping bloggers out by responding and they will always offer a link back, but here’s the rub.

There is normally a tacit expectation that the person offering advice then shares the post with their social media followers.

This is why the posts are often called link bait as they are set up to attract inbound links.

Having said that, they can be useful. On the very rare occasions, I have published them like the example below, I never expect nor anticipate help promoting them. Otherwise, it becomes exploitation and tiresome.

Pros – You don’t have to write anything, just come up with a question that will intrigue people. You may get an ‘A’ list blogger pimp out the post and bring in an entirely new audience.

Cons – They can come across as sycophantic and inauthentic. Most big bloggers won’t help with the promotion because they risk boring the arse of their followers and not adding value for a link that may have little value.

Example: 10 World Class Life Coaches Give You Their Advice


So there you have it.

Of course, some posts will cut across more than one category and you could end up with a post called, ’10 Top Bloggers Tell You How To Tell Stories About Yourself On Video’.

You also have the opportunity to use headlines that may seem counter-intuitive to the reader and make them curious.

When I wrote ‘7 Reasons To Avoid Meditation’, it was very tongue-in-cheek but it generated a lot of interest.

Now you don’t have the excuse that you don’t know what to write about, do you?

Do you have other ideas I’ve missed (and I’m sure there are some), if so, please let me know in the briefcasecomments.


  1. Michael Wecke

    Great post, Tim! Loved it, especially the pros and cons. Like in Personal stories I recalled that a doctor recently asked me, whether I suffer from depressions. I had to bite my tongue not to say “No, I enjoy them”! Your How To’s are equally great and well worth collecting. And the fact that you rarely give a book review makes them so much more interesting when you actually provide them.

  2. Christi Smith

    Thanks, Tim! I’m always looking for ideas for blogging! I like your writing style! Keep it up, please!

  3. Bharathi Shetty

    Was this timely! A new Coach on the block and I have been thinking hard how should I start putting out my posts on Social Media. Thanks a ton Tim for the different content I can probably write on.

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