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It’s dangerous for any business to get complacent or take things for granted because that’s usually what happens just before a competitor appears on the scene to eat their lunch for them.

If you have any doubts ask the good people at Encyclopedia Britannica (if you can find them that is).

Last Fall I realized I had become complacent with A Daring Adventure and that I was taking for granted the fact that is was supplying me a healthy stream of clients. 

The old design was looking dated and I knew a change would be nice, but come on, it was working and the additional work and cost wasn’t that appealing.

Then I started to notice a new type of design springing up.

These new sites were big and bold and looked fantastic on large monitors.

But equally they scaled well, so that the experience wasn’t lost on tablets and phones.

I started to get not only jealous, but a tad fearful that if I left things as they were, then I was going to go from a site that worked, to one that didn’t without passing go or collectiing 200.

It was purely a mater of time.

Time For Change

The problem with taking that approach was that as soon as I started to see the design take shape I immediately became dissatisfied with the look of Coach the Life Coach.

It too looked dated even though it was less than 18 months old, such is the speed with which the Internet moves.

So again I made the decision to make some changes so that the site not just looked more attractive (the previous one was fairly ugly it has to be said) but had more functionality and there was some consistency with the branding.

It’s not a coincidence that I have used the same theme and even one or two of the same images from A Daring Adventure.

You’ll also notice that the logo and business name font are the same as A Daring Adventure.

Whereas I want the two sides to my business to be separate so as not to confuse people, I also want to keep the same general feel for branding sake.

The new theme has thrown up some issues, most notably with duplicate images.

With the old theme I had to enter the image  twice. Once into the post and then once for the thumbnail.

Now I only need to do it once, but it has meant that I have had to go back through every single post and remove the duplicate images.

I also had to change some where the format didn’t work for this blog. In other words, portrait photos don’t work, but landscape ones do.

I was amazed when working my way back how much information I had supplied that I personally would have killed for 10 years ago.

And I really hope that doesn’t appear arrogant because it’s not meant to be.

I just mean I was very, very green.

So much so that I had cabbages growing behind my ears and thought that all was needed to succeed in coaching was to be available.

I get 2 or 3 e-mails per week from people wanting answers to Life Coaching questions, or about what’s needed to became a Life Coach and/or set up a successful Life Coaching practice.

I’m struggling to think of one (other than those making training inquiries) where the person could have found the answer themselves if they had scrolled back like I have been doing.

So here you go I have done it for you, all, or at least many, of your questions answered.

And the best thing is, it’s all free!

The Best Of Coach The Life Coach

July 2013 – 10 Reasons Most Life Coaches Websites Fail

I honestly believe that the vast majority of Life Coach websites are missing the mark.

It maybe because they’re ugly, they’re not set up for SEO or simply that they will never convert on a regular basis.

This post lists some of the more basic mistakes coaches make.

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August 2013 – Would You Hire A Dolphin To Be Your Life Coach?

Dolphins are lovely and cute and very intelligent for an aquatic mammal.

Let’s face it, they can out smart a killer whale and a penguin.

However, they probably don’t make great Life Coaches, even if some Life Coaches don’t even get this.

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September 2013 – Can You Afford To Be A Life Coach?

I have had people tell me they are starting up a Life Coaching practice on a budget that a 14 year-old would wince at as a weekly allowance.

Can they succeed?

What do you think?

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October 2013 – Co-Active Life Coaching v Results Based Life Coaching

There are numerous different types of Life Coaching models.

Co-active coaching is the most well known, but is it the only, or even the best option?

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November 2013 – 12 Cool Life Coaching Questions

 Questions are at the very core of what we do as Life Coaches.

Here are 12 absolute belters!

Oh and by the way, they’re not mine, I asked other Life Coaches for their favorites.

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December 2013 – How To Attract Life Coaching Clients Through Blogging

This was the first in a 3 part series aimed at helping you understand how you optimize a blog (and other peoples) to help attract more clients.

Maybe the most important post I have written for new Life Coaches.

If you want to attract clients online, this series of posts is absolutely crucial.

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January 2014 – The Lost Art of Story-Telling

As Life Coaches we should be able to tell stories and use metaphors to make what we are saying to our clients more relatable.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Or at least is shouldn’t iff you want clients.

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February 2014 – Are You An Authentic Life Coach

We all have a finite amount of energy each day.

Personally I don’t like the thought of expending half of it pretending to be somebody or some thing I’m not.

Are you authentic? Or are you trying to be something that you’re really not?

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March 2014 – Helping Your Clients Tap Into Confidence Using Anchoring

The first of a two parter helping you help your clients shift their states (in a good way) at will.

Anchoring can help you move from nervous to confident in a few short seconds.

Not bad eh?

Rad on…

April 2014 – 10 Things Not Life Coach Should Ever Do

There are no rules and regulations per se for Life Coaching because it’s unregulated.

However, that doesn’t, or rather shouldn’t, mean it’s the wild west with people doing whatever they want.

Here are some common mistakes I encounter with new Life Coaches.

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May 2014 – The Embarrassed Life Coach

Just for a bit of fun and to show you we all fuck up.

Here are some major fuck ups of my own since becoming a Life Coach back in 2004.

One other thing.

Me saying ‘fuck up’ is part of what I mentioned above, being authentic.

I actually do say ‘fuck’ in real life.

If it offends you, leave.

You may also want to get another job.

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June 2014 – How To Get Your Blog Posts and Newsletters Read

It’s no good writing a killer article of nobody reads it.

This post will help you understand some of the rules of the game in terms of getting your material opened and then read.

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I’d love to know which is your favorite, or even what you’d like me to blog about moving forward that can make your life easier.

Don’t be shy, speak up in the comments!

Image: ‘Volume 18’ Courtesy of David McLeish