How Far Could You Take Your Coaching Business By the End of 2021 with a Whole Team Behind You (Including Me)?


You won’t be surprised to learn because I say it often enough, that the coaching industry is saturated. That the overwhelming majority of coaches are struggling to get enough paying clients.

However, that’s in large part because most coaches treat their coaching practice more like a hobby than a business.

If I were to ask in the Coach the Life Coach Facebook Group (and I have done several times over the years) for people to name their favourite books on marketing I would, in large part, be greeted by crickets and tumbleweed.

However, if I were to ask for people’s favourite books on coaching or self development there would be a thread a mile long.

I get that, really I do, we all want to be the best coach we can be.

We are coaches because we like to coach and help others.

But you can do neither if you can’t generate enough paying clients.

It’s never been more important for you to understand how to market your services

You want to set things up so that it’s actually harder to fail than to succeed.

And you need someone to tell you what to do and hold your feet to the fire to make sure you actually do it.

Introducing… The Coach the Life Coach Mastermind​

I’m sick and tired of seeing talented coaches fail because they didn’t manage to get their businesses into momentum.

That’s why, starting on Saturday, July 31st at 2 pm UK time (9 am EST, 3 pm CET), I, and a small group of hand-picked coaches are going to work together to ensure that we not only end 2021 on fire, but put ourselves in a position to crush it in 2022.

This mastermind is designed to help you make some serious progress toward attracting clients.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A 1-hour introduction call where we all get to know each other
  • 11 x 2-hour group calls with me and your fellow coaches where we’ll talk strategy, check in on your progress, and once per month put you in the “hot seat” where we’ll dive deep into your business.
  • 2 x 1-hour 1:1 calls with me to focus on whatever aspect of your coaching business you want help with outside of the group (this alone would normally cost £350)
  • A private Facebook group where you can chat with fellow mastermind members and get additional support from me between calls
  • A 2-hour “check-in” call 12 weeks after the end of the mastermind to review progress and make sure everyone’s still on track

So in total, that’s 24 hours of group calls, 2 hours of 1:1 calls and as much help as you need day-to-day via the Facebook group.

Will This Really Help Me Get Some Paying Clients?

In a word, yes, I honestly believe it will. The small group setting means we can tailor everything to your particular business stage and challenges.

Unlike with coaching, you will be getting advice and direction from myself and the rest of the mastermind.

So if you’re just starting out, we’re going to get you on your way toward your first wave of clients.

If you’re already up and running, we’re going to start filling that coaching calendar with your ideal clients.

And if your business is well-established, we can focus on scaling your earnings.

And wherever you’re at with your business, I’m totally committed that:

  1. You will make significantly more progress on your business goals in 20-weeks than you made in the previous year or likely, much longer.
  2. If you show up and do the work, you’ll cover the cost (with new clients, increased rates, etc.) within six months (or probably much less)  of completing the mastermind.
  3. You will develop long-lasting friendships and have a lot of fun while doing amazing work together.
  4. I’ll share with you everything relevant I know about how to succeed as a coach in 2021 and beyond.

Obviously, I can’t make any guarantees about exactly where your business will be by the end of the program, but I can promise you this:

I will do everything within my power to help you make serious, lasting, life-changing progress with your business.

Yes, I’ll expect you to work hard – few things worth achieving are easy – but when you need help I’ll be there for you. And I know your fellow coaches will have your back too.

So, Who’s This For?

I’ll be honest. This is not for everyone.

In fact, you won’t be able to just join this mastermind group by handing over your credit card number, I will need to interview you first.

I know that sounds a bit pretentious but the best masterminds “curate” their members to ensure the best experience for everyone.

As to whether you’re a good fit or not, what matters more than where your business is at right now is your attitude.

You need to be 100% committed to taking action and pushing your business forward. Even during those times when things get tough and you feel like bailing out.

Not only that, but you’re gonna have to give to get. I’m going to select people specifically because their skills and experiences are complementary to each other.

People who understand that the real goal is to move the whole group forward.

So if you don’t care as much about the other member’s success as you do your own (okay, almost as much) you’re not going to fit in.

Why Take This Journey With Me As Your Guide?

If you’re finding out about this opportunity via my blog or email list, you probably already know some of my story. But I’ll start by giving you my “official” credentials.

I’ve built a successful coaching business from the ground up, not once, but twice since 2005.

I started as a traditional life coach with my blog A Daring Adventure and went on to build another business teaching coaches about coaching and marketing via Coach the Life Coach.

I’ve personally helped 300+ coaches build their businesses via my Client Acquisition course and thousands more via the content on my blog and in my newsletters.

I’m not one of those fancy coaching “gurus” who try to persuade you that you can become the next Tony Robbins and make “seven figures” in the next three months.

I’m a plain-speaking (and sometimes f-bombing) Brit who knows what it takes for real coaches to build a real business helping their ideal clients.

And since I’m not one of those glitzy 7-figure gurus it means I won’t sell you the program and then immediately hand you off to my team of wide-eyed acolytes the moment your check clears.

If you join my mastermind, it’s actually me you’ll be working with for the duration.

Are You Ready to Get Some Clients?

As I mentioned above, if you’re seriously interested in being part of this, I will need to interview you.

Nonetheless, talking with me commits NEITHER of us to anything.

If I don’t think you’re the best fit right now, then I will tell you.

Similarly, if for any reason it doesn’t feel right for you, then I’d expect you to tell me. I’m not interested in persuading people to join it, you have to want to.

If you’re pumped and want to be considered then you can book a call with me by going here, but it has to be before the end of play Friday, July 9th.

If you still have questions before talking, then please read the FAQ’s.


When Does It Start?

The first session will be on July 31st at 2 pm UK time (9 am EST). The following week of August 7th at the same time we will really kick things off. Then we will meet on alternate Saturdays at the same time until December 12th with the follow-up session likely to be on Saturday 12th March 2022.

Is it first come, first served?

Not technically because I want the best people. However, if I have 6 brilliant coaches after talking with a dozen people, then there is little point in me continuing to interview people. So I guess there’s an element of that to it.

What Does It Cost?

If you wanted to book me for 15 sessions it’s going to cost you over £2,000.

And that is just me, you wouldn’t get the help of 5 other eager coaches.

But the cost for the 20-week mastermind will be £999.

This will be due within 48-hours of being accepted and it is NOT refundable. Masterminds are a delicate balance and somebody dropping out disrupts that balance.

Can I split the payment?

Normally I do allow that option with masterminds, but the cost of this is less than half what I normally charge and you will be expected to pay in total or your place offered to another applicant.

Can I pay in Dollars or Euros?

Sure, I will invoice in Sterling through PayPal, but you can pay in whatever currency you like.

Can I pay in Bitcoin?

Yep, I have no problem with that, but we would have to agree on the price the day you pay and it would need to be paid into my Coinbase account.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?

No, sorry. You have to be all in before we start. If having my help and that of 5 of your peers isn’t enough to have you stoked and ready for action, then this isn’t for you.

Masterminds are a delicate balance and just one person withdrawing can upset that balance.

Do I need to be coaching already?

No. I’m more interested in your attitude, work ethic, desire to be part of a team and the intangibles you bring to the table than I am where you are in your coaching journey.

What do you mean by intangibles?

Perhaps you have a background in sales that others can benefit from.

Or, it could be that you are a genius at using Microsoft or Google office suite, or great at public speaking.

It could even be you know Instagram inside out, are a great networker, or just brilliant at motivating people in a team.

There are 101 different ways individuals can add value to a mastermind group and I’m looking for a cross-section of people with a variety of skills and abilities.

Do I have to attend every session?


However, if you know beforehand you will be missing 3 or 4 because of other weekend commitments then I’d prefer if you gave this one a miss or ask me about the midweek mastermind.

You can always contact me and let me know if that is something you would be interested in.

On the other hand, if it’s one of your kids birthdays when we are due to have the 5th session, then I think I can spare the rod for that one 😉

Go in with the mindset that you will move heaven and earth to make every session because the more you put in the more you will get out.

How do the sessions work?

Each meeting will have 3 people on the hot seat. Each will get 30-minutes to talk about their business and then ask the group for help on the one area that will move them forward the most.

30-minutes seems like a long time, but trust me it FLIES by!

The other 3 coaches will get 10-minutes to let the group know how the previous two weeks went and set goals for the following two.

Then the following meeting the order will be reversed.

Will the sessions be recorded to watch back at a later date, or in case I have to miss one and want to catch up?

Yes they will.

I am super shy and introverted and really do not like talking in front of others, will this work for me?

I’m very sorry, but it really won’t. A mastermind relies on everybody contributing to flourish.

When can I use the two sessions with you?

Presuming I have availability (I usually work about 3 weeks out) whenever you want either prior, during, or up to 12-months after the mastermind finishes.

It all sounds great and I want to be considered, what do I do now?

Click here and book a call with me via Zoom. And I must reiterate, this commits neither of us to anything other than the call itself.