Probably The Easiest Way To Get Clients Quickly (that doesn’t involve cold calling)

Sometime around the end of 2007, I was struggling to make a go of coaching.

I had very few clients and very few clues about how to generate any – I was lost.

I was also thinking of quitting and retreating back into sales with my tail between my legs.

I had been blogging for over a year and in that time hadn’t had a single comment on any blog post.

It seemed I had cornered the market with regard to tumbleweed and crickets.

Then over the holiday season as I was forlornly surfing the net looking for inspiration I came across another self development blog.

In those days blogs tended to have something called a blog roll in the sidebar where the owner would also link to other likeminded blogs.

At that time – reciprocal links had a lot of SEO (search engine optimization) value so blogs would happily link to one another and get a hike in the SERPs (search engine ranking pages).

I’d never seen a blog roll before and so I started clicking through on the links and was stunned to find one self development blog after another – all linking to each other.

I had no clue there were so many people writing about self development.

That was the turning point for me.

I started to reach out to fellow bloggers, many of whom were happy to offer advice and sometimes exchange links.

I dove into learning SEO and started to crank out content on an almost daily basis with much of that content being published on other blogs in the form of guest posts.

It’s no exaggeration to say that I built my business on guest posting acquiring thousands of subscribers and scores of paying clients.

The Benefits Of Guest Posting

There are three main benefits to guest posting.

1)  Whereas exchanging links does not have the SEO power is once did as Google sees this as gaming the system – inbound links are still the Holy Grail of SEO.

If you’re serious about being found on Google in organic searches then you absolutely must acquire inbound links.

 2)  EAT is one of the most important things with online marketing.

Eat stands for:




When a blog owner invites you to guest post or accepts a guest post offering – they are effectively telling their audience that they believe you’re an expert, that you have authority and that they trust you.


3) When you post on other peoples blogs you have the opportunity to wow their audience.

And guess what happens if you do that?

They want more of you and are very likely to sign up for your newsletter.

Now that is a win/win/win you have to love as a coach, right?

As I alluded to, I went on a guest posting rampage between 2008 and 2011 and hit almost every popular self development blog that published in English on the Internet.

I had a few knockbacks, but that’s fine because I have enough posts published to send A Daring Adventure flying up the SERP’s.

All of a sudden people were finding me all over the world (literally) just by typing in ‘life coach’ and a myriad of other search terms into Google.

It was a helluva rush and very gratifying.

On the Coach The Life Coach course I go into a lot more detail what is needed to build a successful guest posting strategy and it is still possible to replicate what I did and crush it.

knife and fork

EAT Is Sooooo Important

However, with this post, I want to share with you another option to build your EAT and your online presence.

My guess is that you are subscribed to at least one podcast, maybe several.

It seems like podcasts are everywhere, and in some respects they are.

However, we are still in the podcasting infancy.

I see podcasting now as being where blogging was when I dived in headfirst in 2008.

You think they are everywhere because you’re in the online space.

But, your typical client probably has nothing like the knowledge that you have.

Of course, some will be subscribed to podcasts, but most won’t… the moment.

That’s going to change.

A lot.

I’ll be launching a podcast this fall and it’s because I know if I ignore that space, I’ll suffer eventually.

We’re all busy people and taking the time to read a relatively short blog post like this will become a greater and great imposition.

I have had an Audible account for over a decade and I listen to way, way, more books than I physically read.

If I’m in the car, I’m probably listening to an audiobook.

If I’m walking the dogs, I’m probably listening to an audiobook.

And if I’m at the gym, I’m probably listening to an audiobook.

Plus, I will often be listening to an audiobook as I drift off to sleep at night with my headphones on – I love it.

Let me cut to the chase and tell you exactly what I would be doing if I were a new coach or a coach needing more clients NOW.

podcast mic

Podcasting Is The New Blogging

I would go to UpWork or maybe Fiverr and be looking to hire somebody who is good at research.

And here is what I’d be asking them (feel free to copy and paste).

I’m looking for somebody who is great at research and has, at least, a rudimentary understanding of the self development space.

I want you to compile a list of all the podcasts that operate in my niche (fill whatever that is because your coaching niche may be super specific).

I will pay you a dollar for every podcast that you tell me about that I then contact. And a further $10 bonus for every podcast that accepts me as a guest.

That’s it.

Every time a podcast interviews you, they are telling their audience you are an expert.

Every time a podcast interviews you, they are telling their audience you are an authority.

And every time a podcast interviews you, they are telling their audience they trust you.

It’s no different to blog posting  – only it’s a shit load easier because you just have to turn up and be your brilliant self.

Plus, almost every podcast will give you a lovely and important link back to your site.

I intend utilizing this approach soon – I just shared it with you upfront.

Whether you can be bothered to use it is entirely up to you and how committed you are to succeeding as a life coach.


  1. Thanks, Tim, it breaks my heart to see talented new life and business coaches struggling to make a name for themselves, and as an ICF accredited training program provider I’m always looking for resources for my graduates, so I’m glad to have found this post and other resources on this site.

    • Tim Brownson

      I totally get where you’re coming from Colleen. It’s tough enough as it is with the sharks growing legs and wandering up on to dry land!

  2. Thank you for your tips. I am brand new to this and it can get a bit overwhelming. I just build my website and now to blog on my page, I have never blogged before so this is going to be interesting to say the least.

    • Tim Brownson

      Good luck with it Evon!

      And remember you get good at blogging by blogging – it’s a learning experience so treat it as a fun experience.

  3. Hi Tim I enjoy reading your articles. This article of podcasts is interesting. I will beat my anxiety that I fo dot fit the EAT category. I will get there.

  4. Tim Brownson

    Yeh, I agree – ignore others.

    I’ve been hearing that blogging is dead for over a decade and it still works for me and lots of other.

  5. Wow – your blogs are never disappointing – this one is off the charts awesome! Thanks Tim for being so generous with sharing real helpful info & not BS like so many others. I am inspired ! Also psyched to hear your podcast too.

  6. Excellent post, Tim! Podcasting is still strong (despite what people start saying), and it can increase your brand authority. I look forward to subscribing to yours, congrats!

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