How Finally Writing Your Book Can Make You a Better Life Coach

The following is a guest post from Candice L Davis about the importance of every Life Coach writing an ebook.

Penny (who has given me permission to share her story) came to me with all of the enthusiasm of a toddler learning to walk or a teenager getting his first driving lesson.

She was ready to launch her business as a Life Coach, and she wanted to release her book as a part of that launch. 

The goal was for her book to allow her to reach more people, position herself as an expert when she pitched the media, and serve as a resource for people who didn’t yet have the budget for her coaching programs.

Penny had, in fact, been coaching people for years, and she’d finally gotten around to doing it “officially.”

Her hobby had become a side job, and her side job was becoming a full-fledged business.

We sat down over coffee to sketch out the plan for her book. But as I went through some of my basic questions about her coaching philosophy and process, her enthusiasm waned.

Her phone buzzed, and she needed to return a call.

There were problems back at the salon she owned and operated, and no one could solve them but Penny. 

Not surprisingly, the meeting ended without much progress.

Before our next meeting began, I insisted she turn off her phone. No vibrate. No silent. No nothing.

And then I prepared her to make a mess on the page.

Defining What You Do as a Life Coach

As we defined her unique perfect reader, her theme, and her message, Penny was being required to articulate her style of coaching in a way that had rarely been demanded of her before that moment.

And she was panicked about it.

With a reminder that it was fine to figure out the answers as we went along and perfectly okay to change the answers later, I asked her some essential questions.

Who are you?

Who is your unique perfect reader?

What do you want to help your unique perfect client achieve?

What training, education, and experience makes you the Life Coach of choice for your clients?

What techniques do you use in your coaching?

What’s the one-sentence version of your philosophy as a Life Coach?

And so on.

The process was challenging, and even painful at times, but she kept at it.

As we dove more deeply into the writing, Penny went back to change or refine some of her original answers. 

Distilling all of it down for the purposes of writing a book was helping her develop a new level of clarity about her coaching programs, the techniques she used, and the outcomes she could help readers and clients achieve.

She discovered a few things she wanted to do differently or better and did a bit of research to include new techniques. 

Penny also developed more confidence in what she does well.

Why Every Life Coach Can Benefit from Writing a Book

Regardless of whether they’re just getting started or have been coaching for years, to a person, each author in my circle has come out with more clarity about who they want to serve and what makes them unique in a crowded marketplace.

Each author has come out a stronger coach at the other end of the writing process.

Training someone else to do what you do as a Life Coach forces you to be incredibly specific.

Writing a book pushes you even harder to capture on the page exactly what you often do on auto-pilot or by intuition.

Yes, your book can help you reach more people, change more lives, and position yourself as the expert in your niche. All of those things are important, of course. 

However, writing a book is also one of the most powerful steps you can take in your professional development. It can help you become more effective at sharing what you do, communicating with clients, and getting results.

Of course, you don’t have to become an author to be a great Life Coach. 

If the idea of writing a book seems like a dreary exercise to you, then by all means, find something else to do with the next few months of your life.

But if you’ve been talking about writing a book for years, or you harbor a secret desire to become an author, take whatever steps you need to get you there.  

Take a course, join a writer’s workshop, hire a coach, or lock yourself in a cabin until you get it done. You have it in you. Do what you have to do to bring it out.

The processes of writing, publishing, and marketing your book, will all force you to better understand yourself as a Life Coach and as a person. 

When that happens you and your clients all win.

Author’s Bio

Candice L Davis is an author coach, ghostwriter, author, and the founder of Go Write Something. She’s the co-founder of Write Books That Sell Now and the Book Marketing Mega-Summit, online event for authors and future authors, available free of charge through July 29, 2016.  

Candice believes everyone has a story worth telling (and so does Tim and Karl).

Important Note: The link above as an affiliate link. If you decide to sign up for the course and move beyond the free offering we do get paid an affiliate fee. However, I have been working with Candice for 7 months and would not recommend her services or ask her to post if I didn’t think she knows her shit.


  1. Clarity is key for every coach. Knowing what you offer clients, and understanding your secret sauce, are critical to your success. As you say, writing a book can absolutely help with that, in addition to positioning you as an expert.

    • Yes, Anita! Even the pre-writing process of defining your audience, honing in on your theme, spelling out your message and so forth can help you gain clarity that will make you better at what you do.

  2. Doc Ave

    I’ve toyed around with the idea of writing a book, but I’ve always run into the same brick wall: What’s going to make my book any different from the others out there? But I know that my style of teaching/coaching is unique. Maybe it’s time I write it down. Thanks Tim.

    • If you put YOURSELF into the book and write for a specific audience, your book will absolutely be different from the others out there. Other people can write about the same topic, but none of them have had your same experiences or education. That’s what will separate you from the others. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for spurring me on and letting me know that I am headed in the right direction for writing my book to market my business. It’s a scary process, but will be so worth it!

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