What Are You Going To Do Differently Next Year?

When prospective clients ask me what it is I do and how I can help them, I usually answer something along the lines of this:

“It’s my job to help you think differently by asking the right questions at the right time.

If I cannot help you do that then I’ve pretty much failed in my role because if there’s no shift in your thinking, nothing significant will change.”

If  Nothing Changes

There’s an expression, ‘if nothing changes, then nothing changes’.

It’s not entirely true because everything is changing all of the time, change is the only constant in life.

However, it makes a valid point when it comes to Life Coaching and self development.

Beneficial change can happen organically and with little effort, but it’s highly unlikely to.

Our brains love to replicate patterns of behavior because it’s number one job in life is to make sure you keep breathing.

Therefore, if you made it through yesterday your brain pats itself on the back for a job well done and decides what worked yesterday will probably work today.

As such, and without deliberate intervention, our unconscious mind is happy to keep ticking along, even when it’s doing things that it knows at a conscious level are detrimental to our health and/or happiness.

The Biggest Compliment

I never tire of saying that the biggest compliment a client can pay me is to say, “I never thought of it like that”

In that moment I know I have asked a question or said something that has shifted the clients paradigm, and as coaches we are, or should be, paradigm smashers.

We know that clients have to do things differently to get different results and the starting point is to think differently.

But what about ourselves?

In terms of your coaching journey, how has 2014 panned out for you?

Are you making the strides you want?

Are you building your list and blog readership?

Are you generating new clients?

Are you working toward having a sustainable long-term practice?

If the answer to any of those is ‘no’, then what are you going to do differently next year?

Unless you are brand new or just about to start coaching for a living, more of the same will probably only yield more of the same.

Is that what you want?

Life Coaches Are No Different

Generally speaking, we’d not encourage our clients to do more of the same, yet sometimes we forget that we’re no different.

Even though I’m a happy outsourcer and have no problem asking for help, I know that next year I either need to take a VA on, or hire somebody (maybe even another Life Coach) to work with me at Coach The Life Coach.

I have allowed myself to get swamped with client work to the point where I can’t even take on any new clients for at least another 3 to 4 weeks.

That’s a nice problem to have and most coaches would love it.

But it’s still a problem and not very sustainable in the long-term.

So at the moment I’m thinking to myself.

“What are the things that I need to differently next year to this one if I’m going to achieve the results I’m looking for?”

I cannot replicate this year unless I want to feel like I let myself down this time next year. So a journey out of my own comfort zone is needed and you probably need to do the same.

Let me know in the comments what you’re going to do differently next year and make that commitment!

Free Life Coaching Webinar

Update: 12/12/14 – The webinar is now full, but I will be making the recording available to my newsletter subscribers.

On Sunday 14th at 12 noon EST (5pm in the UK) I am running a free webinar.

I can take up to 25 people on the call and I will make myself as accessible for up to 2 hours.

I have absolutely no idea what the hell I will be talking about because I will be responding to your questions on anything to do with Life Coaching.

The only restriction (other than when I get to 25) is that you post your name under the relevant post at the top of the Coach the Life Coach Google+ Community and then e-mail me as per the instructions.

If you’re not a member, just click the link and I’ll manually approve you.

And just in case you’re wondering. I will NOT be trying to upsell you at the end.

I’d love for you to train with me and I’m not averse to mentioning that it’s an option, but the point of this webinar is to deliver massive value.

I happen to believe if I keep doing that, then not only will I have a shit load of fun helping others, but enough people will want to work with me in the future.

Win/win eh?

Image Courtesy of Chris Chabot


  1. Claudine Pereira

    Morning! I am just starting out in my own career/life coaching business, would love to join the call on Sunday if possible. How can I do that?


    • Tim Brownson

      Click the link above to the G+ community. Apply to join and then when I approve you add your name per the instructions.

  2. Tim, I’d love to have access to the webinar, but I will not be available on Sunday. I’ll be on the road, driving at that exact time. Is there an option to get a recording of the webinar if I sign up? Or should I just wait until your next offering.

    • Tim Brownson

      Yes hopefully, I plan on recording and then making available to my Coach The Life Coach newsletter subscribers – technology permitting!