How To Avoid Screwing Up A Product Launch

I haven’t just screwed up one book product launch, but three.

In fairness and before you presume I’m a total idiot, they were all for different reasons and each time I learned a lot.

The final one a couple of years ago, was through sheer excitement and impetuosity.

I had a release date in my mind and everything in place when something very unusual happened.

I had two clients reschedule on one day leaving me with a massive hole in my calendar.

It was a Friday and the launch was due for the following Monday, so I thought, ‘What the hell, let’s go for it”

The Product Launch

Whereas product launches (or even service offerings) are integral to your success as a Life Coach, they are tricky beasts.

You have to have, if not all, then a good proportion of your ducks in a row if you are not to crash and burn.

You want to be hitting as much of your target market at once and that may mean calling in every favor you possibly can.

You almost want to irritate people because they are so sick of seeing you everywhere.

I know that sounds counterintuitive, but that is what makes a successful launch, especially for something like a book or e-course.

There is something in NLP (neurolinguistic programming) called convincer strategies and they are used all the time by marketers and advertisers.

Have you ever wondered why you hear or see the same adverts on media so many times? This is especially prevalent on radio.

If I hear Alan Thick tell me one more time that the IRS have a debt forgiveness program and if I don’t want my wages garnished I should call the ‘good people at Optima taxes’ I think I may cut my own ears off with a butter knife and eat them.

I kid you not when I say, I have heard that advert over 100 times on Sirius Radio.

Convincer Strategies

Some people are convinced by an advert the first time they hear it – but they are a tiny minority unless it’s a product they are already actively seeking.

Some need to hear it several times to be convinced it’s for them, and many need to hear it over and over again.

It has that drip-drip effect.

That is a convincer strategy and it’s why (apart from the cost of producing new ads all the time) adverts are run again and again and again – to hit every type of person.

When I launched early, here is what happened and why it took me about 30 minutes to realize how badly I’d screwed up.

At least half of the people who had agreed to help me, hit their Social Media following immediately in the dead zone that lies between Friday lunchtime and Sunday lunchtime.

During that period, fewer e-mails get opened and even fewer acted upon.

Social media interaction can drop off as well, especially in the self development industry.

Others waited until the following week, but there wasn’t the saturation I had wanted because I didn’t specify a day and was too embarrassed by my ineptitude to follow up.

And yet others didn’t follow through because they probably knew I’d screwed up and were waiting until the following week when no doubt other priorities arose and they either genuinely, or conveniently, forgot.

Delaying The Coach The Life Coach Launch

Yesterday we were due to launch the early-bird for the next Coach The Life Coach and I was concerned.

Firstly, this is a huge holiday week in the UK with many people off work, so we could potentially miss an entire market place.

Secondly, the course page wasn’t spot on and we were rushing to get it finished and I knew we hadn’t the time to do all the testing we needed to do.

I’m not sure if it was my last horrible launch, the calming effect Karl has on me, or more likely a combination of both, but I suggested we scrap the launch.

Another concern was because we have extended the course by 4 modules there is a lot of new material to write.

We are also looking to rebrand.

We want a consistency across the free ebooks that we give away to new subscribers (but don’t actually advertise yet as they are still being professionally designed), the PDF’s course attendees receive and the site itself.

As I stood outside my local Indian restaurant last night, talking with Karl and him heartily agreeing to my hesitant suggestion to ‘scrap it and let’s do it properly’, a wave of relief ran over me.

I eagerly said, “Ok, so let’s start the weeks early bird next Monday then?”

“That’s Labor Day” Karl replied with a chuckle.

I was just testing him!

Well ok, not really, I’d forgotten, but hey, that’s why I have him around, he’s American and he knows this shit! 😉

We Are Go, Go, Go on September 8th!

Not only have we pushed the early bird registration period back to Tuesday 8th September, but we have also decided to push the course start date back a week to Sunday October 11th to give us more time to do all the other things I mentioned above.

One of the new modules on the course looks at alternative and passive streams of income. Of course an element of that is how to do a launch that actually works.

Fortunately for you if you are thinking of joining us and building a successful Life Coaching practice, Karl teaches that module!

One final thing.

The early bird starting on the 8th will only run for one week and we are offering a huge discount.

We will also be offering a digital version of the course for those of you who can’t make the live calls and there will be an early bird on that too.

If you want advance notice, please sign up for the newsletter (and get your two free ebooks on common mistakes me see Life Coaches make) in the box below, or bookmark this page and swing by on the 8th.


  1. Tim: FYI, there’s a small typo in the first sentence.

    Anyway, I’ll be interested in seeing what the rebranded course looks like as well as the digital version. I’ve been a bit hesitant to take the course because my guess is that at least some of it is duplicative of my prior coach training. Curious if you’ve given thought to breaking it into two discrete modules/compenents: one that focuses on coach training and the other that focuses on how to be successful online as a coach?

    • Tim Brownson

      It’s possibly the thing we have talked about the most!

      I think at some stage we’ll do it, but there are a number of problems it throws up – which is why we try and add stuff on the coaching side that is a bit different and more what I call ‘real world’ coaching.

      Too many books and organizations take a perfect world approach. Co-Active Coaching is a really good book, but it really bugs me how all the scripts go perfectly according to plan. Coaching seldom works like that.

      Thanks for the heads up and as soon as Karl stops editing the sales page I’ll hop on it.

      • Well put my vote down for splitting the course in two! Wait, what do you mean this isn’t a democracy! 🙂

        Anyway, not really familiar with the Co-Active coaching model. I did my training at ILTC, same place where Mark Reagan did his. Though I would assume there’s a lot of overlap between Co-Active and what Mark and I learned.

        • Tim Brownson

          I think you’re probably right Ed.

          I doubt the course will get split for a few months though as we need to have even more ducks in a row!

          Having said that, if you want a chat at some stage I may be able to work out a cunning compromise 😉