How to Build A Healthy Life Coach Routine

I doubt we have the same view on what type of workday makes us happy.

You might like working in mornings. I prefer afternoons.

You may bolt out of the door as the clock strikes 5pm.

I rarely look at the clock other than for prearranged appointments.

What (I hope) we both will agree on is the importance of having a healthy routine as a Life Coach.

It’s easy to sit in a chair all day, write, talk on the phone, but our hearts wouldn’t be very happy.

We have to make time for things that matter to us like family, exercise and walking of course, walking the hounds.

You have to find a way to create a routine that allows you to be healthy and have optimal energy.

You probably know how draining a coaching call is. It takes a lot out of you because the concentration levels required are intense.

If you aren’t optimizing your day for more energy (As well as happiness). you’ll be worn our very fast and may even give up on coaching before you start to make a big impact on others.

My routine revolves around multiple breaks. I take breaks very seriously, because if I don’t, my energy goes downhill very fast and I get a lot less done in a day.

This has been scientifically proven time and time again, which is why people who do intense immersion training remember very little a few months down the road.

Your brain needs time off to absorb, process and rejuvenate.

Most days my focus is on my family and work. In that order. Everything else comes a distant third.

My Typical Routine As A UX* Expert

I start my day off by saying goodbye to my wife and 6 year old then I do Yoga before my 9 month old wakes up.

This helps center me before I start my day.

Then we play and hang out until his first nap. Then my sitter arrives and I either go to my home office or my co-working space do the heavy lifting work like planning, client work, or writing.

Then I’m usually finished by 4pm and hang out with my youngest son until my wife comes home.

We all play and I ask my 6 year old about his day and sometimes we go for a short walk around the neighborhood. We cook dinner together and get the kids to bed by 8pm.

I get back to work, finishing up emails, planning my next day, and I’m finished by 9:30pm, so I can hang out with my wife by watching something on Netflix.

Of course no day is the same, but I try to stick to this schedule as much as I can.

I also work weekends for a few hours.

We run the Coach the Life Coach course on weekends because many of you work full-time jobs until you are ready to make the leap.

I usually get my 40 – 50 hours in each week, but it’s woven within my family time.

Tim’s Typical Life Coach Routine

In Tim’s case he doesn’t have any kids so he has different priorities.

Unless he has a rare early client he wakes up whenever he wakes up because he doesn’t have an alarm. Must be nice!

That’s when he normally does his 30 minute daily meditation, although howling hounds wanting attention cam sometimes mean that gets left immediately before going to bed in the evening.

He almost never schedules any calls between 10am – 12am in the morning, so he can take his hounds (3 dobermans) to the park, do his social media and some writing.

It’s when we do much of our planning for Coach the Life Coach over the phone.

His afternoons are very busy.

This is when he sees the 3 clients he limits himself to each day. With prep and writing up notes after each call, that takes the bulk of his afternoon.

If his last client is finished before dark he will then often take the dogs out again, this time with his wife.

Finally he sits down to eat around 8pm. (I think he thinks he’s Spanish os something eating at that time of night!) and most nights will watch some form of comedy.

Occasionally he will do some writing later, but for the most part, when 8pm hits, he’s done for the day.

My Meditation Sometimes Slips

I’m guilty of not meditating every single day, but I am getting more consistent about it over the last few months.

I gave you a brief overview of my schedule and Tim’s to show how hard we work, but also how flexible our time is.

That’s the beauty of being a coach (or any other job where you’re not bound by what time the clock says most of the time). You can schedule around the important things in your life.

Being a coach means having a flexible schedule.

That also means setting time aside for breaks to recharge your internal battery and also time to have fun and do creative work to help get yourself in the zone.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, get out in nature or take a walk in your neighborhood and relax your thoughts.

Even just 5 minutes deep breathing extending that exhale can really make a difference.

Creating a schedule that allows for breaks throughout the day will help you keep your energy at a high level.

What About You?

If you are a coach how do you create a routine? If you want to be a coach how do you think you’ll plan out your day?

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*UX simply means ‘user experience’ – I specialize in helping people generate inquiries and then convert those inquiries into paying clients.