How To Piss Off A Life Coach

I LOVE helping people as the post ‘Don’t Look a Gift Horse In The Mouth’, hopefully demonstrated.

If I didn’t I would have quit coaching about a year or two after starting when I was really struggling to make ends meet.

I get a lot of e-mails from other Life Coaches asking for free advice.

If they use my name, rather than just kick off with ‘Hi and the question isn’t too generic like the often asked ‘how do I get more clients?’ I always e-mail them back.

These days I tend to either refer the person to a blog post I have written either here or at A Daring Adventure, or if I haven’t written on the topic say:

‘I’m usually walking the dogs between 11am and 12 noon EST, give me a call and if I’m not on the phone to anybody else, I’ll be happy to chat with you’

There’s two reasons I do that.

Firstly, I’m shit at typing and I’m not going to spend an hour explaining something via e-mail when I can do it on a 15 minute phone call – especially if I have already covered it.

Testing Intention

And secondly, I am, to use a sales expression, testing their intention.

In other words, seeing how serious they are.

Are they just lazy and just can’t be arsed to do the research and expect me to do it in an e-mail for them?

Around about 75% of the people, I never hear from again.

I’m sure some maybe don’t want to trouble me, some may even feel intimidated (I really don’t understand that as I’m about as approachable as it gets, but I have been told that several times), but many will just see it as too much trouble.

I get that not everybody can afford to pay for help. I enjoy talking about what I do so much, who cares if I give free advice away when I get a buzz from it and it’s a win/win?

This morning I got an e-mail from a coach I know vaguely and who I guess will now be unsubscribing from my newsletter and will think I’m a total dick.

Such is life because the last thing I want to do is enable people, especially other Life Coaches.

Here is the e-mail and  I have removed the topic as I don’t want to inadvertently identify the person.

E-Mail From A Life Coach

I wanted to ask you about selling ebooks on amazon. I want to write one for ‘x’ but honestly have absolutely no idea what I am doing. How easy is it to sell on amazon? What % do amazon take from the sale?

Any advice or info would be great.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

I read it and was about to respond, but thought to myself, ‘hang on a minute, how hard can it be to find this information?’

So I did what I did when I published to Amazon for the first time.

I ran a search on Google and found the answers in about 3 minutes. Admittedly, not the how easy is it, but there was a load of free information and that wouldn’t have taken too much longer.

Having said that, the how easy is not a very sensible question.

If you think it through for a minute you will know it’s fucking hard to make money on Amazon selling your own books unless you have a MASSIVE following.

Never in the history of the world has it been easier to write a book and dump it on Amazon hoping to make money.

99%+ fail

The competition is fierce and a book from the average person will never rank without a huge campaign.

If this person had asked me, ‘Tim, how many books have you sold, have you made any money’, I’d have been more amenable because the only way you can ascertain that information. is either to hack into Amazon. or ask me.

Here’s The Deal

Presuming you’re a Life Coach, how would you react to a client suggesting they e-mail somebody in their industry to ask them for information that is readily available on the Internet?

I know I’d say something like, ‘Do you really want to do that? That person maybe a useful resource in the future for something that isn’t as easy to find, don’t you think?’

I hope you would too.

I am a resource for newer coaches and YOU can call me for free advice. It’s not an idle offer, you really can.

I can’t promise I will always answer as I am often on the phone when I’m with the dogs.

However, if you persist (and if persistence isn’t a trait of yours, get out of coaching now because you’re doomed to failure) you’ll get hold of me eventually.

And as long as you don’t ask me something as dumb and vague as ‘how do I get more clients’ I’d love to chat and help.

Speaking of Free Advice

Speaking of which, we are running two free webinars in the next week or so where you can indeed get to ask me and Karl questions for free.

We will be sending out the times and dates via the newsletter, so if you’re not subscribed you can do so in the box in the right hand sidebar.

We intend making one more west coast friendly and one more east coast and Europe friendly, so hopefully you can join us.


  1. I get a lot of similar questions on my blog. I’ll have a post on “dealing with noise while you’re meditating” and people will post a comment asking “How do I deal with noise while I’m meditating?” It seems that actually reading the post is WAY too much work 🙂

  2. Michael Wecke

    …well, how do you deal with noise while meditating?? 🙂

    I agree: I love to give advice or provide insight on a topic that I know well and which gives me a buzz. That’s the thing: It gives me a buzz to share knowledge!
    But nowadays a Google search makes getting answers or pointers so easy, that I would hesitate to call Tim and ask a question that is either readily searchable on Google or which may have been covered in a blog.

    So, back to…how do you deal with… Well, is this not a great way to piss off a Life Coach?

    • Tim Brownson

      I can answer the first question.

      Make it part of the meditation. Be curious about it, really tune into it to hear the fine nuances even white noise contains. What could be more mindful. Mind you Bodhi may tell me I’m a total idiot and give up teaching because he’s obviously failed miserably with me!

      You could also just ignore it and focus in on the actual meditation you are doing.