I’m Too Fat To Be A Life Coach

‘I’m too fat to be a Life Coach at the moment. I need to drop at least 30lbs’

I looked at my client in disbelief, momentarily lost for words.

‘Are you serious?’ I asked, still somewhat stunned by what she had said.

‘Of course. How can I coach people when I am overweight?’

‘The same way you would if you weighed 100lb, by building rapport, asking great questions and actively listening’

‘But I don’t feel like I’m credible if I can’t even get to my desired weight’

‘I guess by that logic then men who lose their hair can’t be hairdressers. Mechanics have to quit if their car ever breaks down and doctors resign if they get sick?’

If You Want To Be A Life Coach

There is only one thing your clients cares about, and that is can you deliver.

Can you help her get from where she is now to where she wants to be as quickly and effectively as possible?

They don’t care if your life isn’t perfect.

It’s not about you, it’s about them.

If people cared about their Life Coach being perfect I’d be fucked to put it bluntly.

At A Daring Adventure I have talked about suffering from intermittent anxiety, taking lots of party drugs when I was younger, having had a tendency to drink way too much when I got stressed and being a bit of a complainer.

Er…actually, make that a lot of a complainer. Especially when I see what I believe to be any social injustice or people being ripped off.

I also swear too much for some people’s liking.

Even so, I’m doing ok for clients. In fact I followed up my best last year with an even better year this year.

So what gives?

If You Want To Be A Weight Loss Coach

If the coach in question wanted to be a weight loss coach, then yes she makes a very valid point and there is a credibility gap that cannot be easily bridged.

I help people with stress and anxiety because by and large I have overcome them personally.

Both rear their ugly heads from time to time, but I can act a lot more quickly these days to head them off at the pass.

A free copy of How To Be Rich and Happy to the first person who can tell me in the comments, in what movie was somebody shot in the foot for using that phrase?

But she wasn’t a weight loss coach, she wanted to work with kids between the ages of 15 and 21.

Do you think they (or more likely their parents) could care a damn that she’s carrying a few extra pounds if she can help them improve their performance at school?

Of course not.

The Myth Of The Perfect Life

Having a perfect life isn’t a prerequisite to be a Life Coach.

I got into coaching because my life was far from perfect and guess what, it still isn’t perfect.

It’s closer now, but it will never hit that magic point where I can say smugly to myself, ‘ok I have this nailed’.

The desire for perfection is a dream – or rather a nightmare, because it seldom brings anybody happiness.

if you weigh 400lbs, smoke 2 packs of cigarettes per day washed down with a litre of vodka and have anger management issues, then I agree you are going to struggle.

But for the most part you build credibility through being authentic, honest and delivering results, not because you’re hot and can get into a size 2 dress.

I can’t get into a size 2 dress these days and I’m doing fine.


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