You Have To Bare Your Soul (an Indian Divorce Story)

The following is a guest post from Vishnu who runs Vishnu’s Virtues.

Are you a coach, thinking about being a coach, or trying to build up a coaching practice?

You might be wondering if you have the abilities and skills to become a life coach.

You probably do.

If you have gone through any kind of personal life challenges and overcome them, you can help others on their life journeys today.

It’s how I started coaching people online.

I started sharing my story and bearing my soul about overcoming heartbreak and divorce.

Divorce is a super taboo topic in the Indian community.

Most people would rather you die than get divorced.


Not really.

They at least know what to say to know at your funeral.

They have no clue what to say to you after your divorce.

Divorce is such a difficult topic in Indian culture that it barely gets discussed

I was going through so much pain and struggle that I decided to seek out professional help.

My counselor suggested I start journaling.

Feeling no motivation for journaling, I inquired if I could write publicly.

Upon getting her approval, I wrote my pains, fears, and struggles about being an Indian person who was going through such a painful time.

And then a weird thing happened.

When I launched the blog that cataloged my journey, I started hearing from other Indian people who were going through divorces and some wanted my support in their divorce journeys.

They had no one else to talk to and needed some guidance and direction from someone who had gone through a divorce.

So I started coaching other Indian people who were going through a divorce.

I then signed up for a life coaching course and started getting trained as a life coach.

I found so many other friends and colleagues in these trainings who wanted to help people transform their lives.

Could all these people do it?

Absolutely they could!

The Secret To Becoming A Successful Coach


As I said at the beginning, almost everyone is capable of becoming a coach.

But, not everybody is capable of becoming a successful coach.

And that’s the one thing that rarely gets mentioned in coach training.

That to be a successful coach you have to be good at marketing your coaching services.

And that’s where most coaches get tripped up.

By marketing, I’m not talking about setting up websites and blogs. I’m not talking about printing business cards.

Yes, that may be part of it, but it’s not it.

I’m talking about sharing your story with others.

I’m talking about sharing your knowledge.

And I’m talking about helping other people along the journey in life that you went through.

If you hate marketing your self, which means talking about yourself, then I’d think twice about coaching.

People want to connect with you, but it requires you to share yourself and your journey.

It requires you to share your challenges and struggles.

And it requires you to offer advice gained from experience and adversity.

Don’t believe me?

Check out the most popular coaches online.

You’ll find that successful coaches have popular blogs, podcasts, or social media channels where they share their story and help others.

Like Tim does with his Facebook group for coaches.

You’ll also find they are consistent and publish regular content that adds value to others.

They don’t take a day off because they can’t be bothered or they’re feeling a tad under the weather.

They keep grinding, keep adding value and keep sharing.

Take the time out to consider your marketing before you start a coaching career.

Or, if you have started coaching and are wondering where the paying clients are, think about it now.

You can do it, but are you willing to do it?

This isn’t an if you build it they will come scenario.

Because they won’t.

People will come because you have shared your story and it resonates with them.

Love the idea of sharing your story and journey?

Then start doing it today.

In fact do it now, by leaving a comment and letting me know whether you agree or disagree, or just to say hello! Because I value your opinion and would love to hear from you.


Vishnu is a letting go coach, who helps people let go of divorces and breakups, move on and find direction in their lives. You can learn more about his coaching practice at or connect with him on Facebook here.


  1. This was such a wonderful post Vishnu. I agree completely with your approach to coaching. People need to know your struggles and how you overcame them. There is such a kinship in knowing that your fears are the same as my fears and we can connect in powerful ways through our shared experience. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Hi Tim,

    Thank you so very much for these emails and the wonderful advice that you give. I would like to know how to guest writer or have one of my articles published on you website.

  3. Thanks, Meredith. Glad the post resonated. Yes! to connection through shared experiences. I have been following your teachings and story thanks to Tim sharing his meditation journey, so honored by your comment 🙂

  4. Mathangani Muya

    Thanks Vishnu for sharing. I feel encouraged. I too has gone through a divorce recently, at an advanced age.. I do not share openly, and even some of my friends at a distance may not know. I could learn from you a lot.

  5. Robert Beaujean

    Hi Vishnu, great post! Your example inspires me to keep going. I spent a large portion of my life crippled with fear and anxiety, but over the last 10 years I embarked on a self-development journey and I learned how to reclaim my self-esteem and tame my fear/anxiety by transforming my mindset and I want to share this powerful information with the world! I have the passion and the commitment to do this, but I will admit that it is hard because I don’t currently do this for the money, so I have another full-time job. My top priority is to help make our world a more loving and peaceful place by empowering all to gain mental discipline and solid confidence & transform their lives. We all have great potential to do great things, with the right encouragement, commitment, passion, & determination. Reading great posts like yours give me added fuel to keep going. Thank you again.

  6. Cathy Coutts

    So beautifully expressed Vishnu.
    Gosh – Plenty to consider – Thank you.
    As a private person, about to join Tim’s next course this is the nub of it for me – stepping out of my comfort zone, working out what parts of my story would be useful to share, and to develop the confidence to do so.

  7. Hi Jennifer, thanks for your message. I just emailed my article to Tim and he agreed to publish it. I believe Tim say he looks for post relevant to marketing and of high quality. And if it’s not high quality, he’ll do lots of edits to make it high quality 🙂 Kidding Tim!

  8. Thanks Mathangani. Are you trying to market a coaching business? Sharing your personal story and what you overcame maybe helpful to future clients in similar positions. Start small and keep building up.

  9. Hi Robert – it’s sounds excellent what you’re planning to do. I’m glad I gave you the encouragement to keep going. Looking forward to seeing your own content and shared wisdom out there.

  10. hi Cathy, yes sharing your story will definitely help and if you don’t plan to do that, I’m sure Tim will suggest other effective ways to market yourself but either way, the key is continued marketing. Marketing is the lifeblood of our coaching business. Thanks so much for leaving a comment here, much appreciated.

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