5 Ways To Stop Your Life Coaching Practice From Failing

The following is a guest post from Lachlan Cotter.

You heard the call to become a Life Coach.

You answered. You earned your shiny coaching qualification.

You busted your butt to learn your craft and hone your coaching superpowers.

Then you made that final giant leap and said farewell to the day job.

Sweet freedom! You’re no longer a cog in the wheel. You’re fully in charge.

It’s exhilarating. But also… utterly terrifying.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to become a dynamite coach, now you’re meant to run a business too?

If you’re finding the business side of things tough, you may still be holding onto the day job mindset. While your body has left the cubicle, your brain is still spinning round on that ergonomic chair.

You’re thinking like a 9-5er instead of someone who gets the most out of their primary employee… yourself.

Here’s how to develop your coaching business so you can be your employee of the year:

Change Your Mindset

As a paid employee, simply showing up for 8 hours a day scored you a paycheck.

But as a coach, 8 hours at the computer does not show up in your business bank account.

You’re the CEO of a business, so you need to approach your day with that mentality.

Figure out your maximum profit makers (hint: it’ll be things that grow your audience and your bank account) and steer your efforts in that direction.

Don’t Be Precious

You didn’t have the ability to change your role at a moment’s notice in your day job.

You were stuck with the same tasks unless someone above told you otherwise.

But the beauty of running your own coaching business is that you have the power to change things right away if they’re not working, or run with a new idea when creativity strikes.

Yes, you went into coaching to help people. But you might need to adapt and expand the ways you do this to be helpful and profitable.

As well as 1-to-1 coaching you could run e-courses or live workshops. I started out as a life coach then moved into making Satori, a web app (aka online tool) that allows other coaches to coach better because the important (time heavy) admin isn’t bogging them down.

Use Your Time Wisely

Now that you’re on your clock, every minute messing around on Facebook or dithering over which font to use costs you money.

Take a week to track your working day using an app like Toggl, then review the results with a cold and ruthless eye.

What repetitive tasks are taking you away from your clients? Are you spending way too long battling your blog software or wrangling your calendar?

You need to trash, automate, or delegate out your top time-wasters. Outsource repetitive tasks to a VA and invest in great web tools in place to automate your workflow. Then you can get back to coaching and growing your business.

Make Self-Care A Priority

When you were in the 9-5 world, your workplace could survive if you called in sick.

They had four other cogs who could slot in and cover things until you emerged from beneath your pile of Kleenex.

But your business relies on you being healthy. If you’re not in good shape, your coaching practice will soon look rough around the edges too. Seriously, you need to make your health a top priority in your business plan.

Think of your business as a pyramid with your health is right at the base, holding everything else up – your clients, marketing, systems and community.

Without a strong foundation, everything else will crumble, ancient ruin style.

So reduce your stress, get your butt outside, and take care of your mind and body.

The joy of escaping the cubicle is you don’t have to trudge off to the gym at 5 pm like a drone; you can do it at any time of day.

Schedule it in like you would a favourite client. Don’t let you down!

Connections Still Matter

In your day-job making connections was all about friendship, camaraderie and water cooler bonding over the latest Game of Thrones episode.

But in the online world who you know is how much you succeed, so it’s, even more, important to cultivate connections. Stop thinking of it as optional and make it an important part of your work day.

Try scheduling twenty minutes every morning to connect with fellow coaches on Twitter.

Join a mastermind group, or start your own.

Read the blogs of the thought leaders in your niche and leave great comments. Join in an Instagram challenge to get your face and personality out there. Be real and be seen!

Author Bio

Lachlan Cotter is Founder and SEO of Satori, he loves finding new ways to make coaches’ lives easier when not traveling for fun. You can see what it’s like to live with less admin on your plate for 30 days here.



  1. Hi Lachlan

    Well here I am at 10am on Christmas eve, sat in bed with my laptop reading emails before I switch off for the festive season! It’s definitely a preferable way of ‘working’ than the 9 to 5 grind.

    Great post, it’s so easy to get sucked into the time wasters like Facebook when you are managing your own time. I run two mastermind groups with fellow coaches which really help to keep me accountable and also, crucially, in touch with colleagues rather than feeling isolated which can be the downfall of making this choice.

    Have a very happy festive season – hope you have an abundance of ‘switched off’ time 😉