Should Life Coaches Hire Life Coaches?

On a scale of 0-10 with 0 being not even remotely important and 10 being crucial to you and your clients success. How important do you think having your own Life Coach is?

You’re a Life Coach, or at the very least if you are here I would imagine have an interest in being one, so I would presume your score is fairly high.

After all, why would you venture into a career that you thought was important to other people but not yourself?

Imagine asking your dentist how important it is they have help when it comes to working on their teeth. I doubt any reasonable dentist would respond with, ‘Oh, I just do it myself as I’m trained in it.’

My first Life Coach was forced upon me as part of my official Life Coach training and it was an interesting experience, as for the most part we were both clueless.

It wasn’t until three years later I actually went out and hired a coach out of free choice and it was one of the better professional decisions I have ever made.

I had issues of my own I wanted help with such as being more organized and not having a tendency to take my foot off the gas when things were going well, but I also benefitted from seeing another coach work.

Should Life Coaches Hire Life Coaches?

How much did I learn hiring my own Life Coach?

I learned a LOT.

Two years later I took the plunge again with similar results. And by that I mean, I not only benefitted personally, but professionally by witnessing a coach work directly with me.

Then I got really brave and hired a business coach. In my early days I was living in the land of rainbows and Unicorns thinking I had the business element boxed off.

After all, I was getting reasonable traffic, my list was growing steadily and by now I was pretty busy.

I soon realized I knew squat.

Well maybe not squat, but nothing like as much as I needed to know to truly succeed. I should have been doing so much better.

I wasn’t utilizing my list properly, I was being too timid with my offerings, my social media strategy looked like an 8-year-old had devised it after drinking a pot of coffee and eating 2lbs of sugar, and I was being lazy.

It was a MASSIVE wake up call.

Since then I have hired a guy who only specializes in YouTube conversion, another who just does Facebook advertising for a living and finally decided I needed help with Coach The Life Coach and brought in Karl Staib.

He had (and has) a lot to offer, not just for Coach The Life Coach, but myself and A Daring Adventure.

I don’t take bringing in a partner lightly. I have to trust the person, know that they truly know their shit and know they will bring massive value.

Ticking All The Boxes

Karl ticked all the boxes and a business I never perceived as being more than a one-man band became a partnership with plans to grow it further with another person (Kate) just having joined us.

A year or so ago I was slipping back into some bad habits. My worst was thinking I had it all cracked and I could relax because I was getting regular clients.

Or on other days the total opposite was happening where I was running around like my ass was on fire and things like relaxation and meditation were taking second fiddle.

As I devoted more time to Coach The Life Coach, A Daring Adventure naturally suffered somewhat, so guess what I did?

Yep, I hired myself yet another Life Coach.

I am a Life Coach, I believe in Life Coaching, so why on earth wouldn’t I, especially when I knew I needed help?

Life Coaching works because the coach can see the patterns of behavior and blind spots that the client usually cannot see alone.

I definitely have blind spots and they needed a light shining on them.

Being a successful Life Coach is hard, make no mistake. And that’s exactly the reason we need help too.

A coach asking for help either with their business or life in general isn’t a sign of weakness or lack of belief in they own ability.

It’s a sign they truly believe in what they do and understand what coaching is all about. It’s also a sign they are committed and want to be the best coach they can possibly be without cutting corners and thinking they have all the answers

That’s why I will continue to employ coaches.

What about you?


  1. Absolutely! John Milton was the last person who was widely regarded as knowing everything there was to know, in all fields of knowledge…

    …and that was in the 17TH CENTURY!!!

    The more books I read, the more I realize that I don’t know ANYTHING. There are people who can do things I can’t, and I hire them. There are people who know things I don’t, and I hire them. You’re leaving knowledge on the table if you sit back and think that someone else can’t help you.

    • Tim Brownson

      I think even John Milton would struggle to just keep up with social media changes these days.

      It’s funny though Matt, I’m pretty sure I thought I knew more when I first became a coach than I do now, which kind of backs up what you say, the more you read the more you realize how much you don’t know.

  2. I believe you are right when it comes to hiring your own life coach. It would make us better as life coaches even if we are life coaches. Great post.