Life Coaches: Are You Making This Crucial Mistake?

Karl asked me, what are the core values of Coach the Life Coach?

He wasn’t trying to trip me up because they are nowhere to be seen on the site, he just presumed I’d done them and either had them in my head or written down somewhere else.

For a moment I felt like the time I turned up to give a presentation on stress to some care workers with a Mac, only to realize their projector was only compatible with Windows.


I stammered for a moment trying to wrack my brains as to whether I had even done them in the dim and distant past for A Daring Adventure.

After all, it’s been around 10 years so it’s not like I haven’t had time to sit down and really give some thought about what was really important to my business and what I wanted to deliver to my clients.

The more I searched, the more I knew I hadn’t even done that.

I’ve done my own several times and the only excuse I can offer is that as I am a one man business at A Daring Adventure, that the businesses values were more or less the same as my personal values.

A Lame Excuse

As excuses go that was pretty lame. It certainly wouldn’t be one that would slide past unchallenged if a client said something similar to me.

There’s no doubt that our business is a reflection of our personality and also our values, but some personal values are too esoteric to automatically map over to the work place without any thought.

Of course you can have ‘love’ and ‘spirituality’ as company values, but they are far less likely to appear than ‘integrity’ ‘service’ and ‘respect’ especially with organizations that contain multiple people offering input.

As I said, I felt a bit stupid because shouldn’t I have prefaced the entire module with the importance of working out what your values are before, or close, to the launch of your business?

It’s pretty difficult to work to a value set and make great decisions for your business and offer fantastic service to your clients if you don’t know what they are.

As Walt’s brother, Roy, once said:

‘When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier’

I tell coaching clients that all the time, the fact that they are your moral compass and critically important.

Well the same goes for your business and I had completely neglected to implement them and I have honestly no idea why!

Our Business Core Values

That’s changing now Karl brought it to my attention because they are far too important to ignore.

They help build your brand and help you connect with people that have similar values. It’s these clients that I find I work best with because I can be myself around them and we get the best results together.

As such, they will be present for people to see when we redesign the Coach The Life Coach site soon.

The process I use and teach to new coaches is reasonably complicated and goes into a lot of detail to ensure accuracy.

if you want all that and the ability to have the forms copyright free so you can use it with your clients you can read more here.

However, if you just want the down and dirty method then try it like this:

Ask yourself, ‘what is really important to me?’

Suppose you get an answer of, ‘money’, that’s not really a value, so ask yourself, ‘what does that give me?’

Maybe you get ‘security’.

So write that down and start the process again with, ‘what is really important to me?’ And then again, ‘what does that give me?’

Keep doing this until you have at least 8 values.

The way I help the clients then order them as accurately as possible is all part of the secret sauce of the book, so you will have to stare at your list and do the best you can or buy the book.

It helps to have someone else do this with you. I no longer do my own core values because it’s about connecting with your gut instinct.

You want someone to ask you which is more important, listen to your hesitation or confident answer, and be able to ask you questions about this after ranking your core values.

It’s all about clearing out the clutter and thoughts and uncovering what truly matters to you. That’s the beauty of helping someone uncover their core values.

Your turn…

What are your top 3 core values?

Please share with us in the comment section.

Have you ever ranked your own core values before to help you personally or for your coaching business? If not then we should really have a chat.


  1. Hi Tim,
    My three core values are Creativity, Health and Beauty – and from these values the others spread out like branches of a tree.
    My values always come back to these core words.
    My values are all about the feelings I need to create to give me happiness. My values are the ideals that I would like others to describe me by. It’s a challenging starting point for all coaching but really valuable once you start on the work.
    As always, a great post,

  2. My top three values are Health, Optimism, and Adventure. Those are personal ones – I haven’t done business ones! I do have a few income streams I’m pondering on atm, and was recently considering using the values tool with them to prioritise the order of giving time to them. I was thinking of doing it for myself – maybe I’ll ask a coaching colleague to help me do those AND my coaching business ones.
    Thanks for the nudge!