Life Coaches With Niches Wanted!

We want to write a post dedicated to Life Coaches with niches.

Finding a suitable niche is tough for many Life Coaches and can create a lot of hand wringing and angst, which is why we devote a module to it on Coach the Life Coach Training.

We would like to get feedback from a minimum of 10, but up to 20 coaches who have nailed a tight niche.

We will then highlight them in the blog and also link to them sending some lovely Google juice and traffic.

If you have a really great niche then please let us know in the comments below. 

Similarly, if you know somebody who has an amazing niche, please do let us know in the comments so we can contact them and ask them a couple of questions.

We want to show other Life Coaches the power of having a great niche and that it really is possible to reduce the amount of people you are prepared to work with and still make a great living and run a sustainable business.

Here are some examples to give you an idea of what we are looking for.

Life Coaches who only deal with….

  • Doctors/Surgeons/Nurses etc
  • Attorneys
  • Writers/authors and/or bloggers
  • Retired people
  • Pregnant women
  • People in real estate
  • Sales people
  • Single working moms
  • People suffering severe or even terminal illness
  • Accountants
  • Senior execs – but as a Life Coach and not just an executive coach
  • People from the LGBT community
  • Ex convicts
  • People going through bankruptcy
  • Specific religious groups
  • People who work in one specific industry
  • People in one specific minority group
  • The super rich
  • Other Life Coaches
  • People with ADHD or even Asperger’s
  • Academics
  • People with one specific issue such as confidence, public speaking, procrastination, productivity etc
  • Relationship coaches

There are scores of niches so don’t presume that if yours or a Life Coach you know isn’t on the list that it doesn’t exist.

However, here are a few examples that aren’t really niches:

  • People in transition (unless it’s a very specific transition, then it most certainly can be)
  • Stress management coaches
  • Coaches who only deal with either men or woman
  • Coaches who only work with professionals

There you have it. hopefully you meet the criteria or know a great Life Coach who does and you can leave us a comment. Thanks!

Image Courtesy of Badly Drawn Dad


  1. Hi Tim.

    I work with people who are in midlife looking to change careers. My folks are too creative to be stuck in the boring jobs they have and are interested in “digging deep” to define their true career wishes.

    So it’s midlife career change with creative, introspective professionals.

  2. Hi Tim,

    Not sure if it’s ‘tight’ enough for what you are specifically looking for, but I work with members of Generation X on their careers and relationships.

  3. Hi Tim and Karl
    I do mindfulness based coaching. The basic approach i use is to cultivate awareness of habitual patterns of thinking that can often be the root of inner conflict and why people aren’t living the life they want. During coaching, we focus on the inner dynamic at play within people and pay attention to that in a way that is ‘without preference’. The idea is not to judge our experience in terms of good or bad but to rather approach difficulties with a willingness to engage with our experience in a gentle, open way without getting hooked into the emotional reaction. For people that are interested, i introduce basic mindfulness exercises that they can incorporate into their daily life, but that is not for everyone and is entirely optional.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity, fingers crossed!

  4. Hey there Tim. My niche is teens (though I work with college age young adults as well). I have found that this is an incredibly under-served group where coaching is concerned. It’s also an age group that not many coaches feel comfortable with. I think you even say somewhere on your site that this age group isn’t your cup of tea. Teens are dealing with increasing amounts of stress, both in school and socially, and they are wonderful to work with in the coaching process. At one point, I tried to broaden my offerings, but it just didn’t work for me. This is the niche I feel best in, and the one where I have the most to offer, and I needed to pay attention to that. Thanks Tim.

  5. Hi Tim,
    I work with the difficult emotions -fear or anxiety- of people with Type 1 or 2 diabetes. While I’m grateful for the technological advances, if you’re too frozen in fear or too much of a perfectionist to use what’s available, I’m here to help. I’ve been there.

  6. Catherine Lynch

    Hi Tim
    I am just starting my coaching business, so I am not yet the story you were looking for, but I hope to be soon! My clients are the parents of preteens, teens and young adults. I help them solve communication and behavior problems and achieve greater satisfaction in their role as parents through my extensive background working with teens through Outward Bound, Boy Scouts, YMCA, etc.
    Thank you!
    Catherine Lynch

  7. Harry

    Hi Tim,

    If something works, one should do it. I see, at least with my coaching, coaching as support and service to help people to understand themselves better. In order for me to stay open minded I promote my services just exactly by not being a specialist (that seems like paradox for a cosach for me) in a niche. Being in a niche might carry the risk of being biased. In my opinion, the lesser you know about the clients business the better you are in being co-active. My clients are my niche.

    • Tim Brownson

      I understand what you are saying, but not having a niche makes life a lot harder.

      And it most definitely is possible to stick to a co-active coaching approach and being in a niche.

  8. Julia Rosenstein

    My daughter and I are working with Patrice Gerber with Intentional Connections. She works with mother’s and daughter’s. We are going into week 8 and it has been fun and eye opening!

    • Tim Brownson

      Thanks a lot Julia and best of luck with it, but I’m really looking for coaches who are already working with clients.

  9. Hi Tim,

    First, I would like to say thanks for all your informative articles. Yours is one of the blogs I read on a consistent basis.

    I work with parents, mainly moms of teens or young adults who have substance use issues. I’ve been there, so I know what they are going through. I coach and also share some communication strategies that parents have found useful to help motivate their child to change in a positive way.

  10. Hi Tim,

    I help parents to stop yelling and create a family that listens to each other. I’m not sure if that’s niched enough for you, but thanks for asking! 🙂

  11. Hi Tim–

    My niche is “thinking creatives”: academics, journalists, nonfiction authors, engineers, scientists, historians, etc. Most of my work with clients revolves around their publishing books, establishing small businesses around their area of expertise, managing big creative endeavors, career/life transitions, and matters of legacy.

    Love the blog–the style, the ideas, the applicability!


  12. You know how some professional people appear so successful, but have what they call a “shameful” behavior that holds them back? For more than two decades I’ve coached and rehabilitated people with Traumatic Brain injuries as well as healthy successful people who occasionally get stuck or debilitated by limiting behaviors. I like to say, ” you don’t have to have a brain injury to damage your brain.” I help successful healthy professional people stop biting their nails for good & eliminate unwanted habits so they feel confident, proud.

  13. Thanks Tim for your consistent high quality, truthful and vulnerable posts and content. You are an outstanding example of high integrity and commitment to the field of coaching. MANY THANKS!

  14. Hi Tim
    I work with professional women with children who’ve been married 5 or more years, and want to move past infidelity. I help them move past the pain by restoring trust and self-confidence, explore their options and feel good about how they decide to move forward with their life so they can experience a sense of self-direction, freedom, and the power of choice.

  15. Christila

    Hi Tim,

    I help smart career women who struggle with fatigue, stress, overwhelm and dread getting out of bed in the morning, achieve cheerful bliss, unlimited energy, confidence, and leap out of bed feeling ten years younger and enjoy a vibrant life. Free Unlimited Energy strategy session available.

  16. Tim
    I passionately appreciate the service you provide to the coaching community. I’D like to say my niche is self-development…don’t cuss me out yet:) However I focus on working with clients struggling with self-confidence issues. Why what how approach is used to look at present to their desired result.
    We seek out the weak links, energy sappers, and come up with a tailored plan to execute confidence builders in the specific area.

    • Tim Brownson

      Let me think about it Diane. It’s on the usp of being a niche as most people want more confidence. I shall ponder it and talk to Karl.

  17. Hi there
    I’m a life coach specialising in careers, with a bias on the aviation industry. Not only do I assist clients in finding the appropriate career/role for them and/or changing careers, I coach in preparing and conducting themselves throughout the whole application & recruitment journey – from applications and CV’s through to interview preparation and performance. I coach clients through this, rather than training them to be successful interview machines so they can use these skills for any future process, adapting it to their career, whatever that may become.
    Niche? It feels like one but not sure if it fits your criteria.

    • Tim Brownson

      Hi Stephen, if the aviation industry was all you did I’d be all over it, but your site offers so many other services that you haven’t really niched it. Sorry mate.

  18. My niche is “moods”. Moods play a huge role in the process of creating meaning in life and connection to the world. I see “mood” as a dominant factor in how individuals behave and make decisions. Mood is a very powerful and pervasive emotion that colors our perception of the world. Take an anxious mood for example. People in worried or fearful (anxious) moods tend to avoid the unfamiliar and new situations or persons. They have behavioral hang-ups that effectively limit their options in personal and professional life.
    If the person’s sense of what is possible can be changed, then mood can be changed, and if a new world of possibilities can be opened up, then more positive, peaceful moods can emerge.
    Thanks Tim.

    • Tim Brownson

      I think what you have there is a perceived niche a bit like mine with unsticking people, but I can probably go for it.

  19. I don’t think my niche is as tight as your parameters would require, but I have difficulty narrowing it further (or rather, refusing, as I’m happy with it as is)…

    I work with solo-professionals – insurance agents, real-estate agents, caterers, coaches, consultants, etc. – who are in start-up mode or who want to break through a plateau they reached and can’t seem to break through.

    It’s a fairly “easy” niche for someone like me, as I offer more leads, more conversion, and higher income to my prospects; as well as I offer 90-days money-back-guarantee, so most feel they’d be crazy not to take me up on my offer. It’s also an amazing niche, as you see your client’s transformation in real-time, measured objectively in numbers and dollars. Absolutely love it – most nights I go to sleep with a silly smile on my face 🙂

    • Tim Brownson

      I’m not sure it will fit for this post, BUT I think I’d like to get together and do something else, maybe an interview with you explaining how on earth you got over 40k people into your LinkedIn group if you are up for that?

      • Hey Tim, just remembered your cool post again and hopped back to see more cool niches. Wow!

        To answer your question, yes we can do an interview on how I grew the Coaches Support Group to its current membership size.

        We should also consider co-authoring a book on Coaching Niches…

  20. Hi! I’m the Life-Work Coach and I help working moms define, create and own their unique Life-Work Balance formula. My ideal client is over 35 years old with at least one child school-aged or older; working full-time as a manager or higher professional-level position.

  21. Hi, Tim! My clients are intentional living enthusiasts, tiny house dwellers and modern homesteaders. I mentor them to create and grow thriving microbusinesses so that their work lives are as intentional and self-sufficient as they are.

    • Tim, I coach to find blocks, ask questions to facilitate unlocking the blocks and etc. I also coach to help bring the inner work into balance with the outer work of growing a business (inner critic stuff, editing the stories we tell ourselves and so forth). I bring in teaching and consulting once someone has decided on a business path and finds areas of need in branding, marketing and so forth. I call the hybrid of all of that “mentoring” but yes, coaching is the foundation and a large part of what happens in my space.

  22. Hi Tim. I’ve just found you through Jon Marrow’s guest blogging program and I am loving your work.

    I have a few coaches I’d like to put forward:

    1. Simon Lotinga – Hair Salon Owner Coach – here is one of his sites

    2. Julie Davis – Relestate Agents Coach – Agent Dynamics –

    3. Myself – As an ex Business Analyst and systems thinker who loves life coaching I help coaches systematize their coaching processes. So in a nutshell, I help life coaches create their own products and sell them online (freebies, workbooks and online courses are my specialty).

    Look forward to reading you in the future! – B

    • Tim Brownson

      Benay, I am so sorry, you commented when I was on vacation and I only just saw it.

      Thanks a lot for the recommendations and for nominating yourself, I will be in touch for sure!

      • Thanks Tim. I saw your email about getting featured and am working on my response now. Your criteria would make for a great video! -B

  23. I work with women over 50 who are overwhelmed by the process of divorce to gain clarity, confidence and courage before during and after divorce. In helping then from the very beginning of the process together, I can help them to avoid the biggest mistakes people make in divorce and help them save money in the process. And if I am not the right fit for them, I can refer them to other divorce coaches who focus on serving different clients seeking different solutions in the divorce process.

  24. Hi Tim

    I’m a Life Coach and Therapist whose niche arose spontaneously from helping people deal with what I call “Life in the Selfie Nation” and more specifically how to Survive the Narcissist.
    Narcissists are everywhere……
    We seem them on a daily basis in the news and media and it is very likely that there is a narcissist in your life right now…in your office, your gym, your neighborhood or even in your home or family.
    Narcissism isn’t always immediately apparent and it isn’t something that should be ignored or easily dismissed as they are uniquely able to destroy your peace of mind and even your life without even blinking an eye. Why? Because the narcissist has an utter inability to empathize or relate to the thoughts feelings or needs of other people. You don’t matter and if you get in their way BE AFRAID!

    If you are reading this and wondering about your boss, mother in-law or family member then you owe it to yourself to understand what you are dealing with before it is too late and your find yourself out in the cold.
    Email me now!

    • Tim Brownson

      You definitely have a niche that I’d like to consider.

      I’d need a 150 x 150 headshot and a bio between 75 and 100 words with your web address.