Life Coaching Niches

Possibly THE most stressful part of setting up as a choosing a life coaching niche.

Whereas a niche isn’t an absolute prerequisite, to begin with – it does make branding and marketing a lot easier.

It also allows you to charge more as you are seen as an expert rather than a jack of all trades.

The following post was originally published in 2015 but, with the help of the Coach The Life Coach Facebook support group I have brought it up to date.

Take a look and see if anything inspires you.

All bios were written by the coaches themselves.

Life Coaching Niches


Meredith Hooke – The Meditation CoachMeredith Hoole

I help people find peace and happiness in their personal and professional lives using the tools of meditation, mindfulness and understanding your brain. 

In my 17 years of experience as a meditator, I’ve found that all of our stress and unhappiness is self-created and comes from having an untrained mind; which means it doesn’t have to be that way. 

I teach you how to train your brain and mind to be more positive, calm, focused and resilient. 

Tim’s Note: Meredith just happens to be my coach and she’s awesome!


Marc Macialek – The Traumatic Brain Injury Coach

I empower people on the traumatic brain injury journey (survivors and caregivers) to make the most of their life, relationships, and professional endeavors after their (or their loved one’s) injury.

The tragic and traumatic changes of life after a brain injury often leave people feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward.

Through my experience, I ask new and important questions to help them learn about their New Normal. As they learn, they can begin to try new ways to do things, set goals, and step confidently and successfully into their new life.

Casey Ryan- The Transforming Addicts into Entrepreneurs Coach

I work with recovering addicts who are ready to transform their career or step into entrepreneurship. People who are strong in their sobriety, but over time began questioning their purpose and capabilities of success. “Did I overcome so much, just to live a ‘normal’ life?”

With specialized coaching, recovery is taken to the next level by truly letting go of the past and creating an area of focus to find purpose.

Clients learn how to cultivate new relationships, build the entrepreneurial mindset and take strategic action to expand opportunities.

My own recovery experience provides insight into overcoming limiting beliefs. By breaking down barriers and encouraging curiosity I hope to uncover the recovering addicts’ greatest potential.


Jenn Butler – The Estranged Mom Coach

I teach moms of estranged young adults how to own their lives, feel better, and move forward.

Estrangement is devastating, not widely discussed, and leaves moms feeling helpless. My coaching process is supportive and empowering.

I teach clients how to manage their many painful thoughts and feelings. They learn how to cope with clarity, strength, love, and peace. They know they can handle whatever the future holds.

Because every estrangement is unique, I coach moms individually. The strategies I share have enabled me, and my clients, to grow through our pain as estranged mothers. 

All moms can learn how to design a healthy, fulfilling life on their terms, one that is not defined by estrangement.

Laura Vanderputten – The Transition to Parenthood Coach

I inspire and help (expecting) parents to prioritize their emotional well being while transitioning into parenthood.

We have beautiful expectations of what having a baby is going to be like. However, most parents experience the reality of parenthood very differently. They think there is something wrong with them and this causes emotional discomfort.

Every mother, father, child and situation is different. That’s why I create space for each individual parenthood experience.

My coaching services are focused on creating awareness of the challenges new parents face. By recognizing the emotional impact these changes have on them and their surroundings, my clients will be able to adjust their expectations.

Together with the practical tools I offer, they ultimately feel more prepared to deal with the parenthood transition.

Joan Swineheart – The Young Adults Who are Unemployed Coach

I help young adults who are unemployed or underemployed redefine their focus, utilize resources and gain the confidence to launch their careers in a meaningful direction. 

Nearly 44% of college graduates are underemployed and working in jobs that don’t require a degree.  I’ve met young people with certifications/degrees who aren’t working at all and have no idea how to begin the employment process. 

You may have given up and are living at home with parents while you watch friends navigate adulthood successfully.

Through increased self-reliance and reflection, I help you narrow down the careers and businesses that align with your values.  You learn what works and what doesn’t as you breakdown this process and move forward.

Jennifer Letran Yuro – The Money Coach

I help professional women working from 9 to 5 pm to overcome their debt and build a healthier relationship with their money through my money mindset coaching and one on one personalised money program.

Currently, I am working as an Investor Services Administrator in an ASX Listed Company.

Before moving to Australia, I have worked in the Philippine’s largest commercial bank as a Sales Officer and Financial Wellness Ambassador for 8 years.

Through my work, I have taught topics about personal finance, stock market basics, retail bonds and investments.

Because of my passion to educate and help Filipinos in my country, I created my own financial business page in the Philippines.

After 8 years, I have decided to migrate to Australia and move with my husband.

Today, I continue to help professional women to become financially independent, educated and empowered.

Embrace the Joys of Positivity

Amna Shamim – The Women in Cannabis Coach

I work with women who are pivoting into the cannabis industry and need to grow their skill set, knowledge base, and network in order to do so successfully.

If you’re intrigued by the cannabis industry but are stuck on the “how to do I take what I’m already doing and make it work in the cannabis industry!?

It’s completely different with so many legal challenges and shifting rules,” you can relax now.

I will help you figure out how to take the skills you already have and leverage them in the growing cannabis industry.

Heather Moulder – ‘The High Achievers’ Work-Life Balance Coach’

I help successful (on paper) professionals who are overwhelmed and unfulfilled by their high-stress lifestyle to achieve balance without sacrificing their success.

As an executive coach and attorney who practiced law for over 18 years, I understand how career and life demands can turn what you were once passionate about into a daily grind. 

I help my clients cultivate a mentally resilient, calm mind and get clear around what they want (and don’t want) out of their career so that they can redefine success for themselves from the inside-out.

Then, we work together to create strong personal and professional boundaries for a simpler, less complicated life and success that’s sustainable, fulfilling, and fun.

Jessica Sweet – The Midlife Career Change Coach

Jessica Sweet

I help people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s find work they love and be successful in doing it.

As a coach and a licensed therapist, I help people dig deep to understand what they want and what’s holding them back so that they can figure out what’s next in their careers.

Then, together we figure out how to make their big goals happen in the world – and then they actually make them happen. 


Cathy Taughinbaugh – The Parents With Struggling Kids CoachCathy Taughinbaugh

I work with parents of kids who are struggling with drugs or alcohol who want to stop feeling helpless, anxious, and worried so that they can feel in control and get their life back on track.

I want parents to get inspired about taking care of themselves which in the end helps their kids. I was introduced to a method that changed my life that parents can use themselves.

I’m committed to helping anxious parents feel more empowered so that they know they do have an influence over their child and can help them change in a positive way.



Benay – The Life Coach’s Product Development CoachBenay

I help life coaches systematize their coaching processes and create their own products (lead-generating freebies, passive income-producing workbooks and online courses are my specialty).

My ideal clients are those who have completed their life coach training and have at at least 200 hours of coaching under their belt.

Twice a year I run an exclusive course that helps life coaches gain more focus and clarity in their business through the product development process.

With my personal accountability, support and training, my clients do the work, which means that they create their own congruent product suites. From here, opportunity abounds


Jeff Gates CoachJeff Gates – The Parents Of Teenagers Coach

I work with parents of teenagers who want their families to thrive. I help parents inspire their teenagers to become respectable adults.

I do this by helping them understand their teenager better, focus on the adult they are raising (instead of the needy child in front of them) and creating a clear plan they can follow with confidence.


Chris Delaney – The Job Interview CoachChris Delaney

Helping interviewees to increase their interview confidence, to highlight their unique selling point and to present interview answers so you are seen as a valuable asset.


Ginny HronekGinny Hronek – The Coach for Women Over 40 Seeking Change or Transformation

I help women explore, clarify and transform from a place of confusion or uncertainty to a place of satisfaction.

Some are stay-at-home moms curious about what they might do next, some are seeking greater fulfillment in a career and some are simply unsure about what they want next in life.

I have been a life coach since 2000. My extensive background in human services, teaching, training, consulting and sales gives me a broad perspective on transition and transformation. I am a certified NLP Practioner and Motivational Coach.


Martin Stellar -The Artists And Creative Professionals CoachMartin Stellas

I work with people who know for a fact their work matters, changes lives, and makes little dents in the universe – and I help yo find ways to get your work out there, by working on the ‘in-here’.

Meaning: Your heart, your passion, your mindset and your purpose. Yes, we tackle the big things. 

As an ex-monk, artist, and former bespoke tailor, I know what creatives struggle with, and how to get you to embrace your path and discover ways of promoting and selling that are a service and a joy in and of itself.


Coach Kevin DepledgeKevin Depledge – The English Advancement Coach

I help ambitious, ‘already advanced’ learners break free from their current levels to communicate at a truly advanced level of English i.e. fluently and impressively.

I see what I do as a niche service, in that I specialize in genuine advancement; not maintenance or minor improvement. My service and commitment goes way beyond the methodology and approach of conventional ‘teaching’. A plan-of-action rather than a method, based on the reality, not just theory, of what is required to reach an advanced level.


What About You?

Are you a coach with a niche not included above. If so and you would like to be highlighted and get a lovely link to help you with Google, please leave a comment below.


    • Tim Brownson

      Have a great niche and then send your bio and 150 x 150 pic and website URL. Maybe share your niche first.

      Also Stacey, get a gravatar image, it’c crucial if you are leaving comments!

  1. Hi Tim,

    I’d like to be considered as the Mindfulness Coach; using the tools of meditation and mindfulness to gain greater clarity, focus and peace of mind.


    • Tim Brownson


      I honestly didn’t forget my own coach, on more than one occasion I thought, I must mention this to Meredith’ …honest.

      Send me your bio and a 150 x 150 headshot and of course I shall add you.

    • Tim Brownson

      Ginny it would need to be tighter than that. There are close on 4 billion women on the planet so it’s not really a niche. Maybe of a certain age, under certain circumstances etc, but just women isn’t a niche in and of itself.

  2. Hello Tim, thanks for getting in contact with me; good to connect with enterprising coaches like yourself.
    My coaching very much covers the career angle.
    Will send you my BIO and image shortly.


  3. Hi Tim

    I wasn’t sure my niche was narrow enough – maybe it is?!
    My byline is “The Midwife for your life”. I coach women between the ages of 35 and 55 to conceive, birth and nurture their dream lives. To find ways of letting go of their old limiting beliefs and stories, their ‘need’ of rescuing everyone else, and their innate power when they can love themselves and put themselves and their own needs first.

    If it’s too broad that’s okay 😉


  4. Tim – Many thanks for the feature. I really love the idea and was wondering if you mind if I run a similar article (giving you credit for the great idea – of course) on my site? Happy Coaching! -B

  5. Thanks for featuring me, Tim. As one of your first Coach the Life Coach clients, I can attest to getting very tangible and direct benefits from working with you. This feature is one of them. Cheers!

  6. Okay, throwing my hat into the ring. I help people in the second half of life discover their life purpose so they can stop struggling with the question “What should I do with my life”?

    Let me know if that works. If not, no worries! 🙂

  7. Tim I’d like to be added
    My niche is self-confidence coach working with women to build their confidence and move them from good to being their better best selves.

  8. I work with baby boomers and recently retired women who want to create or expand an online business to make some exxtra money in their retirement but also help make the world a better place.

  9. Hi Tim. Great idea. It doesn’t look as though my niche is covered yet. It’s Breaking Free from Stress and Self Sabotage – which are really the same thing.

    I specialize in helping individuals and corporate teams handle Change Management like a pro! I help them turn stress into an ally instead of an enemy, and discover why, when they think they’re doing everything right, the results in various areas of their lives often don’t reflect this. We work with their unconscious belief programs and the reactions and behaviors these generate, that sabotage their health, happiness, relating and communicating skills, and success.

    This enables them to stop tripping themselves up, become more confident, accountable, self aware and resilient. Above all they get to reclaim control of their lives, regardless of their circumstances.

    In order to do this I draw on elements of stress management, NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy and life coaching.

  10. Thanks for featuring me in your initial post on niche’s Tim. It seems, from the response on this board, that you will be doing it again soon! I also think it’s a valuable exercise for any coach to do, making sure that they are clear about whom they serve, and why. If we don’t know, as coaches, then we sure as hell won’t be able to explain it to prospective clients! Hope you have some nice family and friends time over the Holidays Tim.

  11. Glad to see so many great niches being shared in the coaching community. One of the positive things that happen when we become aware of our niche is that we focus in on who we serve. As coaches, we can tend to talk about coaching and that rarely gets us clients. When we turn energy to who we serve and how we serve them, we are immediately better positioned to attract clients. Happy New Year!