I Really Should Lie To You

You are being lied to on a daily basis.

Advertisers and marketers lie to you. Big business lies to you. Retails store lie to you. Car dealerships lie to you.  TV schedulers lie to you. Insurance companies lie to you. Hospitals lie to you. Banks lie to you. Government and the opposition lie to you.

I could offer a lot more examples and I could also give you multiple instances of every one of the above. If you know what you’re looking for, they’re not that difficult to spot.

It may not be barefaced lies (although it often is), it may be just subtly withholding information or delivering information in such a manner that it will be misinterpreted by most people.

My guess is that you like to think you’re an honest person because most people do. When I take clients through the values process ‘honesty’ and/or ‘integrity’ find their way on to the lists the majority of time.

But here’s the problem.

Lying Works

Lying can get you more clients, it can build up authority that hasn’t been earned and it can sell you more product, presuming that is you have product to sell.

I see Life Coaches use it on a very regular basis, and for the most part I get why they do it and it’s not always for financial gain.

Here are a some examples I have come across from coaches I know and the translations are not me guessing, but what the truth of the matter is.

“Unfortunately for personal reasons I have had to postpone the course until next year”

Translation: I didn’t sell any places and I’m embarrassed to admit it.

Coach X is a highly sought after coach and a published author”

Translation: Coach X is struggling to build a practice, has self-published and is trying to build credibility by stretching the truth to breaking point.

“Due to unprecedented demand I am excited to inform you that I am extending the early bird discount”

Translation: I am behind the eight ball here and need to get people signed up if I am to make working every weekend for 3 months worthwhile.

The above are real world examples and I see things like this on a very regular basis.

Withholding The Truth

I’ve also never heard a Life Coach tell her blog readers her book sales had tanked.

I’ve never seen a Life Coach announce that a special offer is because her client stream had dried up.

And I’ve not seen many Life Coaches admit on Social Media when they are having a tough time and feeling like life is sucking (although I have!).

None of the above are lying per se and to a large extent it would be rash not to indulge in withholding certain information, especially if it has no bearing on your ability to coach.

After all you’re looking (or should be) for authority, credibility and social proof because those are the things that allow you to attract clients and make sure your practice is financially sustainable and you can help people for years to come.

Take a look at example number 3 again, because that’s me right now although technically I was lying to say it was a real world example because I’ve opted against that approach.

All 3 trial courses and the first course of Coach The Life Coach sold out very quickly and went great (no bullshit, no exaggerating, they really did and they got better as things moved along).

So in my infinite wisdom I decided to run a second course starting on Saturday December 7th.

I knew it was risky because with things like this you get to a point when you have exhausted your own database (without hammering it to death and I just won’t do that) and you have to spread  the word wider utilizing Social Networking, affiliate marketing and guest blogging amongst other things.

I also knew it was going to be a reach to do that in the time frame I needed to do it, so if I’m being honest (and I think I really should be bearing in mind the tone of this post) I set off, not for the first time, on a wing and a prayer.

I did consider sliding the date back for ‘personal reasons’ or announcing I was giving people an extra week to take advantage of my insane generosity.

But how can I teach Life Coaches and have them trust me when I’m pulling the same ploys as I’m warning them to be on the look out for?

I’m Not Being Generous

The $750 early bird price isn’t me being generous, it’s me making a business decision. I absolutely think any new coach would get a great deal more than $750 worth of value, but that’s not the same thing.

I’m looking to create win/win solutions. I want to (and will) prepare Life Coaches for the real world and help them avoid the pitfalls I fell into, climbed out of, and then fell into again.

And if I’m going to work every Saturday (except over the Holidays) between now and mid-January, then I want it to be financially as well as emotionally worthwhile, otherwise I may as well spend time with Helen and the dogs.

At the moment I have two people booked on the December course with another person wavering. I was hoping to get at least four people signed up by now so that’s why I’m extending the deal.

Not because I love you (although I almost certainly do!), not because I ‘forgot’ to advise my newsletter readers and think it’s only fair to give people the opportunity to get such a great deal (that’s a very common one by the way) and not because it’s my birthday, the dogs didn’t kill anybody today or my hemorrhoids cleared up.*

I’m extending is because I want at least two more people signed up and then I can relax confident in the knowledge that it will be a good course.

So if you’re interested in making the most of this once in a lifetime, staggeringly generous offer that will  be the best decision you ever made, don’t delay!!!! Call 407 334 4692 now as there is a limited availability and it will probably sell out in 12 or 13 minutes!!!!!

Refer Somebody And Earn A Couple of Benjamin’s

By the way, even though my affiliate offering isn’t officially set up yet, I’m still prepared to pay you $200 if you send a Life Coach my way who hasn’t already contacted me or isn’t signed up for my newsletter.

It may be the easiest $200 you ever made.

But remember I’m only doing is because I love you 😉

*Full disclosure. I do not have hemorrhoids, that was a lie.

Image Courtesy of Gabriel Rodríguez


  1. Adrienne Knight

    Brilliant! Totally appreciate your no bs approach. No dosh at the mo but wanted to let you know how cool I think this post was :o)