Welcome To The New Coach The Life Coach

It’s been some time coming, largely due to my ineptitude in supplying Chris from Falaris Creative Studio the copy, but I am utterly thrilled with the new Coach the Life Coach site.

I liked the old site and it has served me well, but I knew there were areas it was lacking.

The old logo looked tired, a lot of the copy could have been better and it was a bit too much me-centric.

If you’re one of the people who have worked with me in person, taken the Coach The Life Coach course, or I have done a mini website audit for – then you will know that sounds contrary to what I preach to coaches.

There’s a good reason for that, and whereas I am having some new photos done, it’s unlikely any will make the homepage.

If you’re just (or mainly) doing one-on-one coaching then you absolutely have to start that relationship building process with some warm, welcoming photos for you.

The only exception, is if you’re branding yourself as a mean and moody kickass type of coach. In which case, nice branding, and go for mean and moody photos.

With Coach The Life Coach it’s a bit different because I do so much training and I have tentative plans to expand the business.

As such, I wanted a slightly more corporate feel, but without it feeling cold.

I also wanted it to feel more exclusive.

I have been charging too little for too long – and whereas I have no wish to jump into the ‘super coach’ category because I enjoy working with coaches at all levels – I would like to start charging based on the value close on 15-years (12 successful) in the coaching space can bring.

Chris was keen on keeping the header ‘clean’ which is why you see only three links and then the ‘more’ option.

People will find the ‘About Page’ if they want it, the same goes for the ‘Contact Page’.

I want coaches who land here focused on the courses, what people have said about the courses, and to read more of the articles to help coaches that I have written.

They are all represented and if they don’t intrigue you to hang around, then it’s doubtful any other page will.

I pretty much gave Chris free rein with this. Almost every question he asked me I responded with something like, ’What would you do if it were your site? – Then do that’

I hired Chris because he’s brilliant at what he does.

So, me telling him what to do on any serious design element would be like telling my dentist my teeth are just fine and can I get the free toothbrush and paste, please?

I still want to make some copy changes, add some links to my testimonials, and there will be tweaks here and there, but overall, I couldn’t be happier.

A site like this isn’t cheap, but this will be my shop window for the next 4 or 5 years, so I’d rather not do cheap.

If you don’t like it, that’s totally fine, shout up and tell me why in the comments – I promise not to sob, it’s not a baby.

Yes, there are certain things that are objectively right and wrong when it comes to converting traffic, but websites are inherently personal things.

Similarly, if you like it, leave a comment and I can bask in vicarious glory over a website I didn’t design!


  1. Looks good Tim and Chris! Congrats on all the hard work and launching this revamped site. What stands out to me is the clear calls to action on the homepage.

  2. Michael Wecke

    Hi Tim,
    I follow you under the pseudonym “Richard Cranston” on Facebook and I love the updates there, the tips and the banter from time to time. The Opening Page makes it pretty clear that this is your new “baby” – as the intro photo shows. I thought a Doberman puppy might have been a nice alternative as well. The “awww” factor. (A for awesome, for sure). Very crisp layout, no mugshot (although I quite liked it, making the web page very personal), easy navigation and good testimonials. I also liked recognizing some of my earlier course participants like Vik Mittal and Sam Theron, for example. Good also to see Meredith! The Rising Phoenix is almost like a subliminal call to rise out of one’s own ashes, I thought? Good call to action…yes, Chris has done an excellent job! Congratulations, Tim!
    Best wishes,

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