The Best Software, Services, and Other Resources For Life Coaches

It can be difficult to know where to turn to get what you need to run your coaching practice. There are no shortage of softwares, email newsletter service providers, and other resources for life coaches.

Coach The Life Coach recommends the following companies, softwares, and service providers.

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Life Coach Training

NLP is a crucial tool and technique for any kind of coach. If you are not trained in using NLP, or want to take your skills to the next level, I strongly recommend INLP Center for your training needs. Especially as they now also offer ICF accredited coach training.

Tim’s Note: Whereas I haven’t trained with INLP, I have known the owner for the best part of a decade and I know he’s a very skilled trainer and his prices are very competitive for the life coach training and NLP training he provides.

Website & Marketing Services

Your website needs to look good and work well, and it also needs to be fast and stay up! SiteGround is the web hosting leader when it comes to budget-friendly website hosting for coaches who also routinely receives recognition across the web for the quality of their service.

Tim’s Note: There are companies who are a few bucks cheaper than SiteGround and I have used a couple of them. However, when things go south – which they inevitably do on occasions with hosting – then you need solid support. SiteGround provide that.

As almost all life coaches know by now (or should know!), you need to run an email list that allows you to market to potential clients over time. Out of the email list providers who offer suitable plans for solopreneurs like coaches, ActiveCampaign gives you the most for your money by far.

Tim’s Note: I have used both Constant Contact and Aweber in the past and in my opinion neither come close to ActiveCampaign which I use for Coach the Life Coach.  If you want a professional email marketing system that allows you to split test, tag people in a gazillion ways and will scale with you as you grow, then I cannot recommend Active Campaign highly enough.

Webinars are one of the best ways to get in front of an audience where you can show your expertise, share some knowledge, and gain new clients (or customers for your course!). They are also an integral part of running a Facebook funnel. WebinarJam is a rock solid webinar streaming provider with numerous marketing features.

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Tim’s Note: I have been using WebinarJam for a couple of years. It’s very easy to use, very stable and offers all the analytics you will need to start running your own profitable life coaching webinars.

CRM and Scheduling Services

See why thousands of coaches use Satori to automate admin, deliver stellar client experiences, and grow their coaching practice with confidence.

Tim’s Note: I have not used Satori, or any CRM/Scheduling tool simply because there were none when I started and I got into a groove before they cam along and was reluctant to change. However, I have heard excellent things about Satori.

Are you having a hard time keeping track of scheduling, communication, invoicing, and generally keeping your business organized? The Coaches Console is a software made just for coaches to stay on top of their business and spend time doing what matters most – coaching.

Tim’s Note: I was hesitatnt to include Coaches Console because I’m not a fan of the websites they will look to bundle. However, I do like the CRM element of their service offering after being taken through it a couple of times.

Other Resources For Life Coaches

Most life coaches benefit greatly from taking on clients outside of their local area, as the internet gives us greater access to a wider pool of potential clients who fit our niche. Zoom Video Conferencing provides exceptional video and audio clarity when having video sessions with your clients.

Tim’s Note: I have been using it for 5 years and never had a problem of any kind that I didn’t cause. Far more stable than Skype and far cheaper then GoToMeeting. A truly outstanding life coaching resource.

There are often many parts to running a business that you should be outsourcing, so that you focus more of your time and energy on coaching or marketing your coaching business. For things like eBook cover designs, help running ads, technical support etc., you should hire a freelancer and Upwork is the biggest and most well-recognized marketplace to hire them.

Tim’s Note: I have spent thousands of dollars on UpWork over the years and seldom had a bad experience.