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Curious about others’ experiences taking the Coach The Life Coach Course and/or working one-on-one with Tim?

Below you’ll find numerous video and written testimonials from real students.

Keith Clarke

“I signed up with Tim for the year long package that including working through the excellent Coach the Life Coach material.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him highly for any Life Coach wanting help building their practice.

Having regular sessions with Tim not only kept me focused, but I also gained so much from his vast experience of running his own coaching business. Instead of spending hours or days researching and figuring out stuff, this was cut down to minutes through having these sessions. I am now working with him for a second year!”

Mayda Poc

“If you, as a coach, are asking yourself, ‘how can I attract more clients to my website?’, you’ve come to the right place. Tim’s Client Acquisition course is the real deal. No jargon, no gimmicks, Tim will give you the tools to maximize your online presence and be more visible in an overcrowded marketplace.

Added bonus? Tim’s personality. Aside from the solid knowledge that he teaches, Tim is generous with his time and his advice; you will get much, much more than what you paid for.

Tim’s course made marketing my business online much more efficient and actually quite fun.

I highly recommend.”


Scott Epp

“Tim was the perfect coach to see things in me and my business that could be changed and built differently. Tim showed me how my website was working for me and how we could improve it. He challenged my thinking, my attitudes, values and beliefs and it all helped a lot.

Now when people approach me for coaching I have a new confidence and flow and it has led me to selling higher priced packages that offer more value to the client. If you are already successful in your coaching business but you need a coach to help you see how to reach the next level I highly recommend Tim.”

Lee Toepfer

Sam Theron

“If you’re a new coach looking to make a career out of Coaching, then Tim’s Client Acquisition Course is for you. In an online world full of hyped up false promises, I believe Tim is the real deal! He has a wealth of experience, that he shares freely, and genuinely seems to want to help clients and coaches succeed.

I found him methodical in his approach, and he tends to over-deliver. He explains the tools of the trade, thoroughly, whilst keeping it lighthearted and real. He also warns newbies of the pitfalls, that could potentially cost you wasted time and money. Tim works hard to stay up to date with the latest trends, making his advice an invaluable, and worthwhile investment.”

Patty Nowell

“As a relatively new Life Coach, I found Tim Brownson’s “Coach the Life Coach” course to be invaluable. Tim’s course was enlightening, informative and filled with practical examples and applications. I learned very quickly that “I didn’t know what I didn’t know,” and how to correct that and move forward. Tim provided much more value than I expected for the cost of the course. If you want to be a GREAT Life Coach, take Tim’s course!!”

Katrina Bourke

“I’m really glad I made the decision to do the CTLC course. I learned powerful strategies which I have incorporated into my coaching, I picked up a bucket load of practical tips on how to make my website and online presence work for me and I’ve got ongoing access to Tim’s knowledge via the members area on their page. It’s a great-value, practical course grounded in experience, based on evidence and, it’s a fun way to learn!”

HS copy

Avra Fainer

“Tim’s no-nonsense approach to coaching and helping people move forward in the personal development space was a true value-add for me. Working with Tim has given me a new perspective on what it really takes to “make it” as a coach– and what actually doesn’t help you progress at all.

The CLTC program was chock-full of useful information and practical takeaways, and really helped me move forward in my business and my practice.”



“Tim’s a coach’s coach. He has solid experience behind everything he teaches you and can back up his lessons with real life examples, experience and research.

His 12 week coaching  course gives you all the tools you need to succeed, including the confidence to start your own practice.

The calls are highly educational, feel like you’re getting hours upon personal coaching advice with Tim, and will give you all the tools you need to get clients and start coaching.”


Kristi Battalini

“If you are looking to become a Life Coach or looking to grow your already Life Coach business, I would strongly recommend that you take Tim’s Coach the Life Coach course. Tim covers everything from aligning with your values and asking the important coaching questions to the importance of a good website and using social media.

Taking the course will also grant you access the Members area, which I am finding very valuable as I begin my coaching practice. I’m definitely glad I decided to take the course and would suggest this training to all that are interested in becoming successful Professional Life Coaches!”

Tracy Coan

“Tim, you have made a HUGE difference in how my practice is being run now, and even more so to come. The next few weeks I’ll be totally redoing my website based on your recommendations. Lots of changes are about to happen. It’s exciting!

Thanks so much for all you did in the class, and all you continue to add to it. I feel very fortunate to have been part of it.”

Yolanda Acree

“Coach the Life Coach really helped me hone in on the essential skills and online tools needed to be a good life coach. Not only does he identify the skills and tools needed, but he actively demonstrates them as well. I appreciated Tim’s direct, practical, no BS approach to teaching the course. Additionally, as someone who is a newbie, not just to the coaching industry, but also online marketing, Tim’s website critique was very helpful. For the cost of this course,Tim delivers exceptional value.”

Debbie Deupree

“Tim says it how he sees it and he owns it (and has the facts to tell you why). I absolutely LOVED his values system process, something I feel is critical to the foundation of any coaching practice (and life actually). I found his science based approach, his facts vs. beliefs attitude and his no sugarcoating sense of communication inspiring.

My work is more in the field of what he may call ‘woo woo’ (I marry scientific based coaching with art and intuitive/spiritual practices), nonetheless Tim was very respectful. Overall I found the course to be insightful and fresh. I highly recommend it to anyone in the field of helping others, especially if you are new to coaching or in need of a good reality check in your practice :)”

Strother Gaines

“Tim’s course is a straightforward and insightful look into improving your practice, your website, your business and your interactions with clients. With solid strategies, tools and insight Tim provides a wonderful learning resource for new and old coaches alike.

As someone who is repelled by some of the woo-woo nature of certain styles of coaching I was pleasantly surprised to see none of that in Tim’s course. If you’re looking to hug your inner child this probably isn’t the course for you. If you’re more into the practical and neurological side of coaching then this is a wonderful place to start.”

Linda Secretan

“‘Take this Course! Yes, take this Course!’

Each of the voices on my shoulders said the same thing. How could I go wrong? The better angel knowing how much I could learn, the evil twin knowing my fears. They were both right. I stretched way beyond what I could have done alone. So – out of my comfort zone? Definitely, but with terrific support along the way from Tim.

The class was small, and the people there exceptionally kind. They are study buddies and soul mates. So follow whatever voice is prompting you to take this class. From our first session I was grateful that I did.”


Scott McCutcheon

“My experience working with Tim and the others students was a great experience. Tim style in teaching was very authentic. He explained the pro’s and cons about the Coaching Business .

I work personally with a local college in their Entrepreneurial program as a mentor so I understand that we all need a Coaching mentor to be successful. Tim was great on covering all the tools you will need to be a successful coach. We need more coaches in our world and Tim is the man to teach you these skills !!”

Bob_Small_3 copy

Bob Proudfit

“The training was frickin’ awesome and the investment was more than worth it.

Highly recommended.”

Alex Reyes

“The Coach The Life Coach Course has helped me get more confident when I work with my clients. Now I have a better understanding of the techniques, and I have more confidence to get returning customers and recommendations. Thank you Tim!

I can actually prove this results, even when my website is not ready for my coaching practice, my offline practice has improved like a million times!”

Kyle Mitri

“This course was fantastic. Besides Tim’s humor and easy going attitude, I truly learn’t the basics and fundamentals of life coaching which comes down to core values. The material is all there on ‘Coach the life coach’ and is constantly being updated.”