Start Your Own Life Coaching Practice

Last week I drove to work at my co-working space in downtown San Antonio.

I arrived at 10am poured myself a cup of coffee, sat down, opened my laptop, looked at the other entrepreneurs working hard, and smiled. I felt very grateful.

I stayed until 4pm. I had one coaching call, one client consultation, a report, a blog post to edit, an A/B test to setup, and emails to get through.

The work I accomplished was focused and productive. It was determined and I was able to get everything important finished. Now I could take that time and spend it with my family.

That’s the beauty of setting my own schedule. I have deadlines, coaching calls, consults, and tests to run for clients, but for the most part my schedule is very flexible.

I’m not telling you this to brag and Tim would tell you the same thing, which is why half our calls are interrupted by him shouting at one of his dogs to stop eating grass as he walks them in a 5 acre oak filled meadow.

Owning My Work

I work many weekends. We both do, because we love what we do.

I go to conferences meet amazing people and I get to pick which conferences I want to attend, not my boss or my company.

Tim even went on a blogging course earlier this year with one of the top bloggers on the planet.

He’s been blogging for 9 years and has had blog posts go viral many times and been featured on most of the top self development blogs, yet he still wants to get better.


Because he wanted to improve, and to pass on those improvements to you.

And I’m the same.

My business took years to build, but my hard work is paying off – really paying off.

And I want to share it!

You can start your journey to a more flexible work schedule. I’m pretty sure that you’ll work harder than you do now, but on probably more rewarding work.

Start Your Own Life Coaching Practice

We are opening Coach the Life Coach back up. And for the first time we are offering two things we have never openly offered before as well as a huge early-bird discount that will only run for one week.

  • A digital version for those of you who cannot be on the live calls
  • An advanced version in which both myself and Tim will be working closely with you for the next 12 months to help you really establish yourself

Of course there will still be the tried and trusted course – just even better!

We are now extending the course to 14 sessions to make sure we give even greater value for money.

In the past we offered only 10, but we decided to expand the course in response to the feedback offered by students.

We’ve surveyed everybody who has taken the course and given them the opportunity to offer their opinions on areas where we could make the course even stronger.

I’m pleased to say that we are averaging a tad over 8.6 out of 10.

Note, I didn’t say proud, because you know what comes after pride, right?

Absolutely, the fall.

And Tim brought me in to make sure I helped him make the course better and better, not get smug!

With that in mind I introduced polling midway through the current course so we could continue to fine tune and make things as good as we possibly can.

That’s our promise to you. We listen to your ideas and feedback. We want to make this the best coaching training in the world.

As such we adopt the Japanese process of ‘Kaizen’ – daily incremental improvement.

Which is why if we make changes and add new material to the exclusive members area and you already took the course, you still get it!

Why Are We Different?

Most major coach training companies do a reasonable job of showing you how to coach, but they miss out on arguably the most important area of Life Coaching.

How to build a successful Life Coaching practice and have fun doing it.

How to get your coaching practice off the ground, create a great website, market yourself, close sales, and expand your income streams.

That’s where we separate ourselves from the other trainings.

We do this because being a good coach is only half the battle. You have to understand how to build a coaching practice that will grow with you – if you are to succeed that is.

As Tim never tires about saying – and I agree, ‘ A great coach who doesn’t understand marketing and business, will get their ass handed to them on a plate by a poor coach who does’

It that fair?

Probably not, but that’s not the point.

It’s a challenge, but one that has the potential to take you to new places you never imagined and live a lifestyle on your terms.

If you are ready to do rewarding work and meet amazing people from all over the globe then check out our coaching training and see if you are ready.

Because if you’re committed and up for doing great work, then we’d love to have you join us. Click here to learn more about our life coach training.

Image courtesy of Cowork Klitmøller.


  1. Michael Wecke

    I fully agree – effective marketing is the life blood of a successful business. It is the life blood of any business venture. Digressing from coaching, but still on the topic of marketing: I had a Real Estate Agent at my house the other day. My wife and I wanted to find out, what improvements would make our property more saleable. The agent had a look at the house, advised against some work we had in mind and said “You should rather concentrate on effective marketing – it could cost you 3000-4000 bucks, but it would provide wide exposure, include exellent photos of the property and would include other ideas etc. Point being…effective marketing! It’ like over-investing in a website and under-investing in marketing.