How To Succeed As A Life Coach

Take a moment to think of the things that mean the most to you in your life.

Seriously, just stop now and take a couple of minutes.

Maybe it’s your marriage or other close relationships?

Perhaps it’s you health and/or fitness?

Or could it even be an important project that you poured your heart and soul into before taking it to fruition?

How many were easy and took no effort on your behalf?

How many just relied on you turning up?

My guess is a big fat zero.

Easy seldom equals meaningful.

There is a reason why people who win Olympic medals are frequently flooded with emotion.

Equally there is an explanation why people who fight their way up from the bottom to finally succeed in life place more value on their success than those who were handed it on a plate.

And it’s easy to understand why my niece who just gave to her first baby was overcome with exhilaration and happiness.

It’s because all of those things are hard.

What You Need To Succeed As A Life Coach

They require commitment, dedication and a willingness to make sacrifices.

Becoming a successful Life Coach requires all of the above.

It’s not easy, but the simple fact that it isn’t easy makes it even more worthwhile when you do succeed.

Too many people think that all they need to make it as a coach is to have the belief that it’s what they were put on this earth to do.

They’re wrong.

I’m 55 and at the risk of being arrogant I have very little doubt that I could have been either a successful comedy writer or a stand-up comedian.

I watch other comedians and read scripts and frequently see missed opportunities for humor.

Not many comedians wow me or make me think, ‘I could never do that’. There are some. I’m pretty sure I could never have matched Robin Williams, George Carlin or even Jim Jefferies, but most comedians are patchy at best. 

But the reality is I’m not a successful comedian and the reason is, I have never devoted myself to it.

I have never learned the craft. I have never been prepared to fail time and time again in front of other people. And I have never committed.

As such I’m just a guy who sometimes says funny things, occasionally writes funny things, but who nobody has ever paid to be funny.

I’m a wannabe comedian, not a real one.

Don’t Be A Wannabe Life Coach

There are a lot of wannabe Life Coaches out there too.

People who think that because a friend told them they should be a Life Coach or who once offered some killer advice that is all that is needed to be a Life Coach.

Life (coaching) doesn’t work like that.

To succeed as a Life Coach you need to learn your craft in the same way as a carpenter, an attorney or a comedian does.

You need to be do what most people don’t want to do such as learning how to market yourself correctly and get involved with ongoing learning.

I have just signed up to do 3 paid courses in the first quarter of 2018, one on marketing and two on learning new coaching techniques.

I cannot afford to stand still and think I know all there is to know because that’s both arrogant and simply not true.

We can all improve.

For the last couple of years I have run a Facebook group for coaches who have either worked one-on-one with me or who have taken the Coach the Life Coach training.

Join Me On Facebook And Let’s Both Succeed

For 2018 I want to open it up to any coach or person thinking of becoming a coach.

I want it to be a resource for coaches like you who want to improve and grow and it’s going to be free.

It’s a closed group so whereas people can find it, only members can read the posts so anything you say, any question you ask or any link you post stays within the group.

If you would like to be as successful as possible as a coach whilst helping others just like you, then click here and apply to join and I’d love to have you aboard!


  1. Michael Wecke

    Harry Truman is quoted as saying: “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Reading opens up so many horizons to new worlds of perspectives, ideas and as such creates an advantage over those who do not engage in quality reading!