Are You Ready For A Taste Of Freedom?

My wife has been going through a tough time lately.

She lost her mum to pancreatic cancer earlier in the year and has been struggling to come to terms with it.

The fact that she’s four and a half thousand miles away from her family only exacerbates the situation and makes her feel isolated.

Last Thursday she was very low when she went to work and I felt a bit useless and unable to help.

I have gone through the loss of both of my parents and words of consolation have little effect – it’s just something you have to deal with yourself.

The grieving process isn’t a whole lot of fun for anybody, including those looking on.

Around lunch time that day I got a text from her saying ‘can you get tomorrow off and we can take the dogs to the beach?

I didn’t give it more than a seconds consideration and replied, ‘of course’.

I very rarely see more than 2 clients on a Friday as I usually do all my admin on Friday afternoons and I knew the 2 I had booked in would be fine with rescheduling.

You may think it was a tad unprofessional to say ‘yes’ without consulting with my clients first, but two of my core values are ‘freedom’ and ‘family’ and I prefer to stay in alignment with my values.

Also, I wouldn’t want to work with any client who wouldn’t be ok with me taking the day off, especially considering the circumstances.

So on Friday morning we packed the cooler with sandwiches and drinks, bundled the hounds into the car and set off on the 2-hour drive to the only beach in central Florida that allows dogs to be off their leashes.

The weather was perfect, as was the day. It was the first time two of our dogs had ever been to the beach and they had a blast, and so did Helen.

When I started full time coaching almost 11 years ago it was because I was sick of being at the beck and call of other people.

I was stressed senseless all the time and it seemed no matter what I did ‘they’ always wanted more.

More sales, more money, more reports, more, more, more.

Working for yourself isn’t for everybody – after all, Helen is a nurse and it’s difficult to do that self employed.

But it definitely is for me, and it one of the best decisions I have ever made was to walk away from Corporate UK.

I think Life Coaching is on the cusp of breaking out.

It has been viewed as the new upstart to therapy and counseling, almost the poor mans alternative. But nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a huge section of Society who don’t need therapy but who can benefit massively from Life Coaching and they are just waking up to that opportunity.

Business executives have known this for decades and anybody who knows anything about business, realizes that some of the most successful people on the planet have utilized coaches to expedite their success.

As I said, working for yourself isn’t for everybody and neither is being a coach.

But, and it’s a big but, if you want to break out and be a successful coach living a life on your terms, you could snap up one of the places on the last course we will be running before the fall by clicking here.

Ok, I’m off to meditate, thanks for reading.