The Real Reason People Hire You

Look at your past clients.

Why did they hire or work with you?

It maybe you have not had any clients yet or only worked with pro bono clients, but that doesn’t matter – give this some thought anyway as it will help you set up your marketing more effectively.

Make a list of every reason that you’ve heard.

Now scratch off everyone that has to do with you. They don’t hire you because you are experienced or a genius or because you are just so charming that they can’t resist.

Of course this plays a role to building trust, but not the real reason they buy from you.

People are always looking out for their own best interest. You might be a genius, but if you can’t help them in the way they need it’s not worth their time or money.

Where Is Their Pain?

They hire you because you can help solve their pain. They struggle in an area of their life that they believe you can help them with.

It’s that simple.

Easy to understand.

Hard to execute.

They hired you not because you have an amazing website. It might help, but they hire you because they believe in your offer.

They believe you can solve their pain.

The hard part is uncovering what makes your offer better than other people in your niche.

Drilling down into why your offer works for certain people will help you understand the branding that attracts your type of clients that get great results with you.

And thinking about it before you get up and running will help you avoid the pitfalls.

Last month I was on the phone with a client from Australia. He was very interested in my 8 session package, which isn’t cheap, but also brings a lot of value.

He drilled me with questions that I killed. I thought to myself there was no way he wasn’t going to hire me.

Then as I tried to close him he balked.

I Missed Something

Something was off in how he viewed my ability to help him.

I asked him a few more questions, but couldn’t bring him back. He said he would get back to me.

He did.

He decided to go with a local coach in Australia.

I felt like calling him up and telling him he was making a huge mistake. I just couldn’t believe he wasn’t going to be a client. I knew if he gave us a chance we were going to do great things together.

In his mind the time and distance barrier were too great. In his mind he thought he would get better results with someone he could meet in person vs. over phone or Skype.

Once you believe in something in your heart there is no changing your mind.

Yes, I could have called him up, but of course I didn’t. It would just be more of my time spent talking in circles instead of moving on to clients who could truly use my help.

We All Make Mistakes

I made a big mistake.

I made the mistake of only talking to him about his coaching needs. I should have also focused on asking him how he likes to be coached.

I would have found out much sooner he wanted someone local. It was my fault for not asking the right questions.

I should have understood what he needed sooner so I didn’t use up either of our valuable time.

Next time you are trying to close a client make sure you find out what they need from you and if you are able to provide it.

This should start off in the beginning a call or services page.

The quicker you can answer their objections or concede they aren’t a good fit the better you’ll get at closing your ideal coaching clients.

Your Turn

What questions do you ask a potential client to see if they are a good fit for your coaching services?

* Photo from Jeff M.


  1. An insightful post Karl – it reassures me that it’s okay to not convert every call, even the best coaches don’t.

    I ask them what they know about life coaching and what they’re looking for from a coaching journey. Whether they’ve read any of my posts and what resonates with them if they have. I also give a brief overview of how I coach, my credentials from a two-year Holistic Life Coaching Diploma in New Zealand comes from quite a different stance than the majority of life coaches I’ve been in contact with since coming to UK.
    Those I have converted to date are mainly people I know through the midwifery world, or who have ‘found’ me through someone they know who’s been a client. So I guess they ‘know, like and trust’ me which seems to make a huge difference.
    I reckon it’s the Australian guy’s loss not going forward with you – maybe he just wasn’t ready for you – yet!

  2. Karl Staib

    Hi Sandra!

    Thanks for the encouragement. I thought the same thing. The power of positive thinking is very important especially in coaching.

    It’s good to see you have a system as you onboard clients. It’s this process that will make it easier as you grow and get more referrals.