Were The Bells Of New York Real?

Around 1993, not that long after I had opened a record store that catered heavily to DJ’s who bought vinyl we ordered a track called ‘Bells of New York’ by an unknown band/artist called Slo Moshun.

We were told it was going to be a club monster, but as it was still an import and hadn’t yet been licensed in the UK the cost was about 75% more than a normal 12” piece of vinyl.

This wasn’t unusual and we trusted the guy who was selling it us, so we bought a few copies.

In the music industry you have to be ahead of trends, you have to gamble a lot knowing that many times you will gamble and fail and be left with redundant stock.

However, when you hit it big you raise your authority and credibility with your customers for helping break new tracks that fill dance floors for those who bought them and played them in clubs.

When the single arrived we eagerly unwrapped the cellophane that all imports came wrapped in (for customs and excise reasons) and dropped it onto one of our decks.

Wow, we were not disappointed, we knew immediately it was going to be huge.

It was like house meets hip-hop with some jazzy elements thrown in and a break down the like of which I hadn’t heard before.

It was truly groundbreaking.

Not Everything Is As It Seems

Last week I was asked to take a look at a clients competitors website and offer feedback.

My client was pissed that her major competitor was ‘killing it’ by charging a lot of money and not having a problem getting it.

She also had massive traffic and a big social media presence.

At least according to my client.

Only she didn’t.

I ran a check on her traffic and it was pitifully low. Her website was optimized poorly and the home page looked nice, but from a conversion standpoint it was a disaster.

In other words, it was a sham.

Maybe she did have a few clients paying her exorbitant fees? Of that I have no idea, but nothing else stacked up.

It all seemed like an elaborate hoax.

We Were Fooled

Slo Moshun weren’t from New York as we had been lead to believe.

They were two guys from Stafford, about 45 minutes from us based in Matlock.

One of them (Mark Archer) had previously been on part of a well known and popular rave duo called Altern-8 and had the brilliant idea to make their domestic product look like an exclusive import.

Even they didn’t make more money themselves, the product was more desirable and they probably had a shit load of fun one-upping the arrogant music industry.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the story came out and the record was released domestically. It went on to become a true club classic in every sense.

That was a bit of fun.

The guys realized that desirability, exclusivity and even a higher price could all work in their favor.

Nobody went bankrupt, and few, if any, people resented what they had done.

People Are After Your Money With No Consideration Of The Consequences

Self development isn’t like that.

There are Life Coaches who will try and convince you they are worth $25k and a lot more in some cases.

Who knows? Maybe some are, if you can afford them that is.

There will be Life Coach training companies who insist you need their training, their certification and their help to hop on to the path to riches.

We don’t make any such claims.

Mainly because they’re total bullshit.

We could cover Coach the Life Coach with cellophane and double the price.

We could pretend that that there is only one place left on the June 28th course to create a scarcity mindset.

And we could say that we have all the answers to help you succeed as a Life Coach.

The Real Truth

But the reality is, we’re fresh out of cellophane, there are 5 places left on the course and you will continue to learn as long as you work as a Life Coach, so NOBODY has all the answers.

I can honestly say that this course starting on June 28th is the last one to be pitched at $999 and the next one will be $1,499, but so what?

It’s not a question whether it’s a bargain, but if it’s the right bargain for you.

I didn’t, and don’t, regret paying a couple of quid (pounds) more for ‘Bells of New York’ and I still have it on a couple of play lists and listen to it at least once a week, 20+ years after the fact.

However, I would regret hiring somebody to teach me something they knew very little about themselves because they were good at convincing people their high prices meant high value.

The two are often totally unrelated.

Do your due diligence before you part with you hard earned cash.