What’s Your Favorite Life Coaching Question?

I am rewriting the ’20 Great Life Coaching Questions’ to 50 for the members area of Coach The Life Coach.

As I do this I thought I’d write a blog post highlighting 10 or 15 of the new ones for those of you who aren’t members so you can benefit too.

If you have a question that you absolutely love, that works great with clients and other Life Coaches can benefit from, please leave a comment and let me know what it is, and more importantly why you think it works so well.

I really do need the description as I want to know the rationale behind your thinking.

If I use one of yours I’ll credit you and also give you an important ‘dofollow’ link back to your blog or website if you have one. So remember to let me have your website address.

I’ll also give a free copy of ‘Aligning With Your Core Values – The Life Coaches Edition’ which retails for $99 to the question I think is the best.

If you already have the book then you can have a $200 discount on any Coach The Life Coach course (and that will include off the early bird price if they are applicable).

If you have done the course and have the book, then I’ll give you a big soppy cyber hug or empty your dishwasher for the next month (first class air travel needs to be paid as well as accommodation at the nearest Ritz Carlton).

Speaking of training, the date has been set for the Saturday course and it will be starting on Saturday 7th December at 12 noon and all the information on the course has now been totally updated and revised and can be read here.

A Life Coaching Question For You

I really didn’t want to mention the training in this blog post as I’ve hammered it a tad lately, but it was important that I didn’t kill the post after the Ritz Carlton reference, and that’s also the reason I’m still typing now when I could have my feet up.

If you know the reason I have extended this post (and if you’re a blogger you absolutely should!) then leave a comment and tell everybody else.

There, I just made it 😉


      • timbrownson

        There’s nothing wrong with that at all Kenn, but it does remove the embedded command which is what I *think* Jamie was alluding to.

    • timbrownson

      Great question that is actually in the original 20 mate with a slight tweak.

      As an embedded command I’d use it as “When now would be a good time to begin?”

      And the reason being is the embedded command comes immediately after the ‘when’ leaving no room for misunderstanding by the unconscious brain.

      I’m splitting hairs though to be honest mate 😉

  1. Karen

    What could be your first step in the right direction?
    The reason I love this question is because people often see their goal, so big that the pressure that they put on themselves almost eats them up (which is ok, considering that “if your dreams dont scare you, they´re not big enough)… This little magic questions brings them back to the first realistic and tangible step they can take to make a difference.

    • timbrownson

      I like it for another reason.

      By using ‘could’ you are removing pressure and allowing them to be curious.

      Nice one!

    • timbrownson

      Not sure about that Colleen without the context.

      I’d be a tad concerned I got the answer, “Shit, that’s why I hired you” 😉

    • timbrownson

      LMAO – a great “I have no idea what to ask” question that we all use from time to time and can work very well.

  2. There are two questions that I found in some way illuminating. Probably you know them Tim. It will take a lot of writing to describe these questions. I’ll try to do it in a way, I find the best. I’m not a coach, anything like that. There are just some experiences and thoughts of an ordinary man. They can be useful or not to others.

    Question #1: Where are you? (Or: Where are you now?)

    – What? What are you asking for? I’m talking to you about my problems. I’m thinking about my goal etc.
    – Ok. Where are you?
    – What are you talking about? Can’t you see my situation? What people did to me? Do you know what I feel?
    – Ok. Where are you?
    – I need an answer, I need a way, an advice what to do. I need a solution to my problems! I don’t need your fucking stupid question!
    – Ok. So… where are you? Are you in your past? Where is you mind, your attention, what are you thinking about? Where are you mentally? Where your mind dwells right now? I’m asking you because if you are anywhere else but in NOW, then that what you are doing is creating problems and tensions you’re trying to solve. So I’m asking you again: Where are you now?

    I found it useful because it turns my attention to one of my biggest mistakes. It leads me to discover, that in now there are actions not problems, that problem is the name of the opinion, name of conviction created by mind.

    Question #2: Can you live without all you think is important to you?

    Importance is a name of link between desired state of outside reality and ourselves. When we have things that are important to us,
    a) we are dependent on the state of this parts of reality;
    b) we are in stress, because the desired state of what is important, is almost always unsafe and at risk in some way.

    We think that if we break/loose the link between “what is important” and us, than terrible things will happen to these things. We will stop carry about them, and they will fell, break apart. So we under pressure.

    When we think if we can live without everything that is important to us, we may find that: First we can be completely free of stress. Second – we can carry about things/persons/relationship, not out of importance, but out of love.

    • timbrownson

      I think question 1 is a great question to ask ourselves, but I’m not sure in a coaching situation. I definitely think it could work with the right client, but it also may piss some off.

      Similarly with question 2, it’s interesting and I definitely see its value Zbyszek, but my concern with both is the danger of breaking rapport with come clients.

      Interesting though, thanks!

  3. Jody Phillips

    What else could it be?

    Often in stressful situations we react using our reptile brains in three options: fight, flight and freeze. We explain to ourselves (and others)our situation, or emotions, or future along these lines.

    By asking, “What else could it be?” we give our higher brain a wee space to kick in. When it does, a whole world of possibilities and choices open up.

  4. Who do you need to become in order to accomplish that wish/dream/goal?

    It changes the perspective, the client focuses all his attention inside, understands the need to shift himself , not change the environment .The client has to start from the end , have a clear vision first on what he will look like, feel like, talk like ….this will change his vibration and his point of attraction first of all and will allow him to get inspired actions in order to achieve that goal, not to start from what he lacks now and needs to improve …

  5. If you did know, what would you say?

    I love this question because it often unblocks the client. Many people are quick to reply to some important questions: “I don’t know!” “I don’t know!” and after asking this question we give them permission to trust themselves and they often come out with great answers.

  6. What is exciting about that?

    It takes the client back to resonance and endless possibilities, where they can be most creative. I find that keeping the client in the land of dreams, really keeps them open to their inner resources.

    And it’s fun to work in that positive energy space.