The Beauty of Working For Yourself

The first part of last week was dreadful.

I hit what is affectionately known as ‘The Wall’ whilst undertaking the Whole30 program.

The Whole30 requires the elimination of sugar (including all alcohol), all grains (bread, pasta, pizza, cereal etc), all dairy products and any processed foods whatsoever.

In short it’s brutal for most people conditioned to a western lifestyle. And I was no exception.

Most people struggle on days two through four as they get a massive hangover courtesy of the sudden removal of sugar.

Sugar is highly addictive and it’s effects on the brain are scarily similar to cocaine. Going cold turkey for most people isn’t a whole lot of fun.

With this in mind we (myself and my wife) started the Whole30 on a Thursday. We figured that by doing this the worst of the sugar hangover should happen over that first weekend.

Only I never got a sugar hangover and Helen’s was nothing like as bad as advertised.

The second week was a total breeze and I was loving it.

Levels of energy I haven’t known since I was in my twenties arrived by the bucketload and my mood was through the roof with nothing getting me down.

The Wall

Then came the wall.

I wasn’t expecting the crash when it came and that made it even worse.

I’d instinctively known that the drop in energy levels was sugar related and turned to fruit to bail me out.

Fruit is allowed on the Whole30 but I hadn’t read the part that suggested you didn’t consume it in excess as this is purely substituting one sugar for another, albeit more healthy, sugar.

Going self employed back in 2005 and becoming a full time Life Coach ranks number two in terms of the best decisions I have ever made (getting married was number one, awwwww).

There have been times, especially early on, when it was a tad scary, but they pale into insignificance when it comes to the incredible upsides.

I know a lot of people never make the move into being a full-time coach because they believe that they are more secure working for somebody else.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

My success or failure is not determined by somebody crunching numbers in a corporate office, a boss who may or may not like me or whether a board of directors are ripping off their customers or not, it’s dictated by me.

Jobs for life went the same way at the Dodo, Enron and MC Hammer pants. And they are never to return.

When I hit ‘The Wall’ this week, I had options. I didn’t have to take unpaid time off work knowing that work would be piling up and I didn’t have to suffer and push through.

The Beauty of Working For Yourself

I moved a couple of clients around, decided I didn’t need to write a blog post or newsletter article for A Daring Adventure and basically took things easy as I recharged.

Here I am writing this on Friday morning feeling much, much better.

And best of all, I’m not stressing that I’m going to be in trouble with my boss, have hundreds of emails to respond to, or worrying that my pay packet at the end of the month will be significantly lighter.

Of course to be a successful coach you need clients and that isn’t necessarily easy. In fact it can seem a bit daunting to begin with if you’re not entirely sure what works and what doesn’t.

On March 19th we launch the first ever Coach the Life Coach client acquisition course aimed at coaches who are serious about running a successful practice and acquiring more clients.

We have condensed almost two decades worth of experience between myself and Karl into a 9-week course designed at helping coaches like you take it up a level.

On top of that we have brought in a leading expert when it comes to making money from running Mastermind groups. Trust me, that module alone is worth the cost of the course.

The early-bird for the course ends soon, so you will want to get signed up as soon as possible and save some money into the bargain.