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Coach The Life Coach will teach you proven and sustainable methods that allow you to build a profitable online coaching practice working with clients from all over the world.

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Maybe you have completed your coach training and are thinking “what now?”

You realize that being a great coach is only half the battle. You need paying clients if you’re to maximize your potential and be able to help others.

Or perhaps you are ahead of the game and want to learn how to attract clients before you start your coaching journey?

Whichever it is, Coach The Life Coach will help you because its founder, Tim Brownson, has done what you want to do for well over a decade and can show you how to replicate his success.

Coach The Life Coach will teach you what most coach training companies don’t bother with – sales.

Join over 4,000 other coaches and get the help and advice you need.

The coaching industry is highly competitive, but it’s also highly rewarding when you make it.

Let us share with you the tips and strategies that successful coaches use to attract the clients they want to serve.

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