Get personalized, one-on-one support to grow your practice.

There were very few resources for coaches when I took the plunge back in 2005 and decided to become a full time coach.

There were no blogs about coaching, no Facebook support groups, no software designed specifically to help manage clients and very few books that offered practical help.

On the flip side, there were (thankfully!) no people claiming they could help coaches get a steady stream of high ticket clients with little effort, offering sales funnels that didn’t work effectively, or even people who had failed at coaching trying to convince new coaches that they could help them do what they didn’t manage themselves.

Consequentially, there are now so many people and companies promising they can be the secret sauce to any coach’s dreams of success that it’s difficult to know which way to turn and who to trust.

The difference between myself and most of the other people claiming to be able to help coaches is that I have done what you want to do. In fact, I’m still doing it and I’ve done it over a sustained period of time.

If you make the decision to invest in hiring me and you are committed to becoming a successful coach with a sustainable practice, then I can show you how.

There’s nothing I know and nothing I do that I cannot teach a struggling coach.

It’s not rocket science, brain surgery, or any other cliche you care to come up with – it’s a process, and one that can be replicated by you.

If you work best in a one-on-one environment with everything tailored to your personal needs and relish the opportunity of having your own coach who is dedicated to your success, then I have three packages for you that are listed below.

On the other hand, if you prefer live training and being in a peer group of supportive coaches all committed to excellence and helping one another, then click here for more information on the courses.

Gold Package

3 months –  $599 per month or $1,499

This package is designed for you if you are already up and running, but struggling to really get going and make money.

We will take a cold hard look at your business and what you are doing to establish yourself and gain clients.

Maybe you need help forming a profitable niche? Perhaps it’s your branding you’re not quite getting right. Or could it be your website isn’t converting and your efforts on Social Media aren’t reaping the benefits you had hoped for.

Whatever it is, and it may very well be a combination of things, we will drill down and dispense with what isn’t working and implement strategies that will.

This package includes 14 x 30 minute sessions (sometimes we will need to combine sessions to get the most benefit) and unlimited email support.

Platinum Package

6 months – $599 per month or $2,999

You will want this if you’re just starting to get going (or you’re about to!) and want to make sure you have a solid foundation in place to launch to you a profitable, enjoyable, and sustainable career in coaching.

This package includes 24 x 30 minute sessions (sometimes we will need to combine sessions to get the most benefit) and unlimited email support.

It also includes all the PDFs from the Coach the Life Coach course, plus a copy of The Clarity Method and training on that if required – a $499 value.

VIP Package

12 months – $499 per month or $4,999

This is a full on one-year partnership and as such for new and super serious coaches only. If you are utterly committed to succeeding as a coach and making it a full time career, and see this as an investment in your future, then this may well be for you.

Get me (almost) unlimited for a year. You have up to 32 sessions with me and they can be however long we need (up to a maximum of 75-minutes) to do what we need to do.

Also, you get to put me on speed dial and you can call me 7-days per week between 8AM and 7PM. If I’m free I’ll pick up and help you with whatever you’re struggling with. If not, and presuming I’m not on vacation, I will always get back to you within 24-hours and usually a lot sooner.

We can look at branding. niching, social media, website conversion, building your online authority, and every aspect of online marketing. I can even teach you how to coach if you’re not formally trained or just want to expand your skills.

This package includes all the PDFs from the Coach the Life Coach course, every module from the Coach the Life Coach coach training course – a $999 value.

And it also includes all the client acquisition modules from the Coach the Life Coach course – a $1,499 value, as well as a copy of The Clarity Method and training on that if so required – a $499 value.